I am t pain

I bei der T-Pain ist described together "This changes your voice from daily ordinally to robotically Ke$ha/T-Pain-like. Lots von artists usage Auto-Tune for example: T-Pain (duh), dame Gaga, Ke$ha (it"s obvious), Victoria justice (obvious, sometimes), und more. This ist a great app to it is in using" und is in app in the Audio & Music category. Over there are six alternatives kommen sie I bei der T-Pain for a variety von platforms, consisting of Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone und Android Tablet. The best alternative ist Celemony Melodyne. It"s not free, deswegen if you"re looking zum a cost-free alternative, you could shot Voxal or GSnap. Other an excellent apps prefer I am T-Pain are CrispyTuner (Paid), Auto-Tune (Paid) und Voloco (Free).

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Celemony Melodyne is the perfect quick und easy tool for all her tuning needs. Great zum editing pitches des instrument und vocal recordings (auto-tuning your voice) and even sounding choose a robot!
With Voxal Voice Changer modify, change und disguise her voice in any applications or video game that provides a microphone to add one more dimension von creativity. Indigenous ‘Girl’ kommen sie ‘Alien’, ns voice transforming options room limitless.
With GSnap you kann get an auto-tune effect. It kann sein be supplied subtly to correct the pitch des a vocal, or, with more extreme settings, to create a robot-voice effect. It requires a monophonic input signal to operate.
The initial pitch and time mediate audio plugin for finely-tuned vocal pitches und voice effects.
Voloco zu sein a real-time voice-processing app that combines automatically tuning and vocoding. You tun können pick a das lied from your library to sing or hum along to, and Voloco wollen automatically guess die key of the song und pitch correct your voice zu that key.

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