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Costa Rica has two international airports – Liberia (Daniel Oduber, LIR) und San José (Juan Santamaría, SJO). Both are fairly modern and efficient but are deshalb operating fine over your designed capacity. Her itinerary, interests, budget, timing and other factors möchte determine which is better or even if it is a combination des both zu sein best.

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Location, location und location – depending on where you’re top one airport may be much superior to die other. Zum the Caribbean, central Pacific and all of southern Costa Rica SJO zu sein your best bet. If you’re headed to ns beaches von Guanacaste you’ll desire to fliegen into LIR.Cost – Airfares used kommen sie be greater into LIR yet as die number des airlines serving the route has actually increased prices have dropped und bargains oase popped hoch (we gott tickets zum $89 each way, non-stop, Denver – LIR, seriously…). Cost differences probably aren’t a deciding factor.

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 Map von Costa Rica’s Airports

Map showing die location von the airports, landing fields and airstrips offer Costa Rica

Plan a cautious Itinerary

Although Costa Rica zu sein a klein country it kann sein take a long time to get indigenous one place kommen sie another. Choosing the wrong airport might easily cost you a entirety day von driving instead von enjoying the beaches and rainforest.

Creating in itinerary that loops zurück around to die airport sie arrived hinweisen doesn’t constantly make the most sense. Often zeit you tun können save 4-6 hours des ground transportation or driving time von planning a one means route wherein you fliegen into SJO and depart from LIR or evil versa.

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Connecting kommen sie Local residential Flights

If you’re capturing a residential flight then you’ll desire your international flight to land at SJO since virtually all residential flights originate there or from die nearby tobias Bolaños airport in the suburb des Pavas.

SJO Bolanos Airport areas map

NOTE: Ash from Turrialba volcano has been quiet going into 2020 after ~ sporadically interfering through airport operations at SJO for 4 years.

Small eruptions brought about slight delays twice in 2019 und there were several exceptional eruptions in 2018 consisting of some with lava flows yet most did notfall impact flight operations. However, on December 12, 2018 a handful of flights native SJO were delayed for several hrs due zu ash. One flight headed to SJO diverted and landed hinweisen LIR instead.

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Although no one kann predict eruptions correctly it’s an ext likely the eruptions möchte cause closures in the dried season. During ns peak take trip months indigenous December 2018 through april 2019 die prevailing winds winds will shift to aim die ash clouds at ns airport and there’s no rain to knock ns ash out of the air.

For example in early january 2017 SJO airport was closed weil das two days staying clear of over 120 flights from acquisition off or landing during one of the busiest take trip weeks von the year. Many von the 3,000+ passengers that were affected spent hinweisen least one night in the terminal und it took nearly a week weil das the backlog zu be cleared.

Scientist from die volcanology institute believe that intermittent eruptions von Turrialba möchte continue or increase.

To provide you in idea von how frequent the interruptions in service room flights were cancelled at SJO in May 2016 and again hinweisen the ende of september 2016 due zu large ash eruptions. Bei March through may 2015 ash clouds native eruptions von Turrialba volcano closeup of the door Juan Santamaría airport (SJO) zum several hrs on a number des days considerably disrupting trip schedules. Activity increased again an February 2016 but ns prevailing winds directed the ash plume to ns east und northeast away from SJO preventing additional closures.

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It’s possible though very improbable that Liberia airport could be shut down über volcanic activity. Ns nearest active volcano, Rincón außerdem la Vieja, zu sein much quieter 보다 Turrialba and aligned far enough to ns north that prevailing winds are less likely kommen sie send ash end LIR.

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