Everything freundin need kommen sie repair her iPhone yourself! georgewoodcock.com has complimentary repair guides and disassembly information weil das every single iPhone, also as ns best instead of parts und tools in the galaxy.

iPhone first Generation
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iphone phone 4
iphone phone 4 CDMA
iPhone ns Battery replacement If your iPhone X is running slowly or needs to be recharged all ns time, replace ns battery using this guide.

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Touch ID notfall working after screen replacement?

iphone 6

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iphone phone could notfall be restored unknown fehler 1

iphone 5

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ich forgot my passcode, how do ich remove it?

iphone phone 5s

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iphone phone 5 front glass dashboard separating/lifting away from body?

iphone phone 5

These are some typical tools used zu work top top this device. You might not need every tool zum every procedure.

Released on June 29, 2007 the erste iPhone blew up the idea of the cabinet phone, placing a angestellter computer/phone/assistant punkt your fingertips punkt all times, und pioneering die push to ns modern era of the smartphone. Because its frühen zeitpunkt release an 2007, there oase been countless iterations des the iPhone, released (mostly) on an annual cycle. Each rendition has added new features, faster processing, und improved graphics.

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Each iPhone model has a various level von repairability: the 3GS"s front glass zu sein replaceable separate from the display assembly (glass panels bei later modell are not), while die iPhone 4 provided easier repair des the behind panel und battery. More recent iPhones like ns iPhone 11 schutz rear glass panels that are notoriously difficult to repair, but their screens are among the simplest to replace an the industry. V each new entwurf iteration, neu iPhone repair obstacles arise and old ones room remedied.

Though sich entschuldigen may tell you otherwise, all des these devices are user-serviceable with die help of our repair guides, found bei each of the maker pages above.

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This page zu sein the hub zum complete how-to und replacement guides zum the initial iPhone, iphone 3G, iphone 3GS, iphone 4, iphone phone 4s, iphone phone 5, iphone phone 5c, iphone phone 5s, iphone phone 6, iphone 6 Plus, iphone phone 6s, iphone 6s Plus, iphone phone 7, iphone phone 7 Plus, iphone 8, iphone 8 Plus, iphone phone X, iphone XS, iphone phone XS Max, iphone phone XR, iphone phone 11, iphone 11 Pro und iPhone 11 jeden Max. An case you’re counting—yes, that’s every 24 iPhones.