Ist zypern in der eu

Image caption, Cypriot parliamentary speak Demetris Syllouris was filmed von undercover journalists investigating ns scheme
Cyprus zu sein suspending a scheme that grants citizenship und guarantees visa-free take trip throughout the eu for those who invest a minimales of €2m (£1.8m).

Du schaust: Ist zypern in der eu

It comes after Al Jazeera reporters filmed Cypriot public official using ns scheme kommen sie assist a fictitious Chinese businessman through a criminal record.

One von those filmed was Cyprus's parliament speaker, Demetris Syllouris, who claimed he would step down until in investigation was completed.

Mr Syllouris, who is Cyprus's second-highest ranking zustand official, claimed he would withdraw from his duties indigenous 19 October.

In the video clip captured über undercover Al Jazeera journalists and released ~ above Monday, herr Syllouris appears zu offer his influence to assist bei obtaining citizenship weil das the fictitious businessman.

On Tuesday, großvater Syllouris released a declare apologising zum "this unpleasant bild conveyed to die Cypriot public... And any uncomfortable it may schutz caused".

His notice came quickly after the government said it had actually approved a proposal to suspend die scheme - ns citizenship for investment programme - following bei emergency conference on Tuesday.

In a statement posted on Twitter, die office von Cypriot chairman Nicos Anastasiades said ns proposal was put forward bei response to "weaknesses" in the plan that could be "exploited".

Media caption, die European Commission claims it is closely security citizenship zum sale programmes in the EU

Cyprus, i beg your pardon joined ns EU bei 2004, at this time provides passports zu non-EU nationals that make enough investments an the country.

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Last November, it arised that fugitive financier Jho short - a central figure in the global scandal which saw billions des dollars go missing from the Malaysian state fonds 1MDB - had derived Cypriot citizenship in September 2015 und reportedly to buy a €5m property in the Cypriot resort des Ayia Napa.

Mr Low zu sein wanted in the US, whereby prosecutors speak he laundered billions through its jae won system.

Mr Low has denied any kind of wrongdoing, und his existing whereabouts space unknown, back there oase been reports von him in various locations.

Cyprus letztere revoked his "golden passport" and those bought über 25 foreign investors, consisting of nine Russians, eight Cambodians und five Chinese.

Last year, the europäische union Commission told europäische union states kommen sie tighten check on non-EU nationals who gained citizenship v investments. Malta and Bulgaria operate comparable schemes to that des Cyprus.

It included that applicants can acquire citizenship des Cyprus, Malta und Bulgaria - and hence europäische union citizenship - "without ever before having resided an practice bei the member state".

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EU citizens kann move quickly throughout the bloc, as well as live and work in another member zustand without ns bureaucratic hurdles that non-EU nationals face.