It was ns winter von 1997, und the surprised hit an movie theaters was “Titanic.” almost as renowned as die movie was die hit song, “My Heart möchte Go On.”

The song zu sein basically a liebe letter from a woman zu her dead lover. “My Heart wollen Go On” begins:

“Every night bei my dreams

I lakers you, i feel you.

Du schaust: James horner my heart will go on

That ist how ich know freundin go on.”

These are poignant words due to the fact that it is not uncommon for people who schutz lost a love one zu feel the person’s presence, punkt least some von the time. When ich was a child, zum instance, one of my babysitters was a unterschied citizen who was a widow. When we ate, she always set a place for her husband punkt meals. She regularly spoke to him as if was sitting throughout from her. Zu her, his presence was very real indeed. Back this behavior may it seems ~ odd, die woman was, in all various other matters, practical and matter-of-fact.

Another lyric is

“Near, far, wherever sie are

I glauben that ns heart does go on.

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Once much more you offen the door

And she here bei my heart

And mine heart möchte go on und on.”

In this lyric von “My Heart will Go On” die narrator admits that she has actually no idea where herstellung love’s spirit is – only that he is somewhere und that your hearts were ausblüten connected. That is in interesting concept that nobody truly dies while he or she is loved by another person.


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If a loved one dies, freundin may feel paralyzed and depressed. Freundin don’t want zu do anything however your täglich routine, und even that may fall von the wayside. Wie you feel this way, you may wish zu speak with zu a counselor, your physician or a member von the clergy. They may aid you to find a way zu lead a fulfilling life in spite von your grief. “My Heart will Go On” tun können act as bei inspiration über showing that it’s possible to both grieve und go on life at ns same time.

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Towards the ende of “Titanic,” ns camera flicker on photos of kommissar after ns Titanic sinks. She is riding a horse, piloting in airplane und engaging in many other difficult activities. As die title “My Heart wollen Go On” suggests, Rose’s heart and life go on in spite of produziert loss. If you lose a love one, remember that, though his or her life may be over, yours zu sein not. Prefer Rose’s, your heart möchte go on.