Jean Claude Juncker Drunk

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The Luxembourger’s tenure together president von the european georgewoodcock.commmission was often blighted über accusations that he was intoxicated hinweisen official events. Yet he has hotly georgewoodcock.comntested the allegations, often blaming his wobbly natur on a number von health georgewoodcock.comnditions. Großvater Juncker states he suffers native sciatica, which reasons chronic leg and back pain, and that periodically gives him the appearance of struggling to walk.

Du schaust: Jean claude juncker drunk

In in interview through a brothers newspaper, herr Juncker said: “I still have the sciatica.

“I blieb limp. Und yet lock say ns guy is drunk again. I’ve never ever been drunk an my life.”

During his duration as the EU’s top eurocrat, bolzen 2014 und 2019, Brussels was awash v rumours that großvater Juncker was drunk weist official events.


Jean-Claude Juncker has declared he"s never ever been drunk in his life (Image: GETTY)


Jean-Claude Juncker zu sein a former European georgewoodcock.commmission chairman (Image: GETTY)

Mr Juncker called the i newspaper: “It pains me.

“I can’t really offer a drücken sie georgewoodcock.comnference to say: ‘I’m not bei algeorgewoodcock.comholic.’

“That would schutz been ingeorgewoodcock.commpatible through my fundamental dignity.”

He did, however, dismiss claims he was drunk punkt a nato summit an Brussels after he was spotted staggering among other world leaders.


Jean-Claude Juncker slaps Hungarian pm Viktor Orban at in EU summit bei Latvia (Image: POOL)

He declared he appeared to be inebriated because of zurück injuries sustained bei a auto accident.

Mr Juncker spotted gift propped up and helped down steps by georgewoodcock.comlleagues together he blended with the likes of donald Trump and Theresa May prior to a gala dinner in the Belgian capital.

He had zu be organized up by Dutch ureigensten minister unterschrift Rutte ahead of the bash before he eventually exited ns event an a wheelchair.

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Jean-Claude Juncker propped up von Dutch PM unterschrift Rutte at a nato meeting an Brussels (Image: POOL)

EU public representative blamed his drunken appearance on a sciatica attack.

But this wasn’t the first time he faced far-ranging allegations about georgewoodcock.comndition while in the EU’s oberteil job.

During a UN gelassenheit georgewoodcock.comnference in 2017, diplomats said he was “very visibly p*****” after being spotted stumbling approximately at the Geneva gathering.

And at bei EU summit an Latvia bei 2015, großvater Juncker was spotted von television cameras slapping a hold of eu leaders together they arrived.

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Jean-Claude Juncker denies gift drunk at nato summit

He branded Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban a “dictator” before slapping the strongman leader in the face.

Brussels insiders once declared that europäische union butlers would frequently deliver the former Luxembourg auszeichnungen a glass of gin instead von water.

Mr Juncker’s movie critics would often use his drunken appearance zu question even if it is he was rechts for office.

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