Joe Biden Wie Alt

As President-elect Joe gebot Jr. Top to the White House, he"s together close through his family as ever, specifically his grandchildren. Even during die pandemic, joe has said, he makes ns effort kommen sie speak through his family members all die time, particularly his grandkids Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, Natalie, und Robert: "Every day I"m in contact through every one des my grandkids, mine son und my daughter, but über distance," he explained. "As a matte of fact, my child Beau"s children live a mile away as ns crow flies...They walk over through the woods und through a neighborhood, and they sit out an the backyard an two chairs, und I sit up bei the porch, und we have our conversations, due to the fact that I"m notfall allowed kommen sie go hug them. Ich miss it."

This closeness hasn"t adjusted since joe won ns White House. Maisy has actually said: "He calls me, climate calls Naomi, climate he phone call Finn, climate he phone call Natalie, then he call Ashley, und then that calls little Hunter." His older grandchildren, in particular, schutz recently made appearances weil das him und spoken about how nearby they space with die incoming president. Deshalb who space they, and what perform we know about them deshalb far?

Naomi Biden


Naomi is the earliest daughter von Joe"s younger son, Hunter Biden. Called after Joe"s young daughter that tragically passed away alongside his zuerst wife in a car crash, she"s passionate around politics. When joe was angry president, she joined er on international trips including to new Zealand and China. She"s a vocal support of produziert grandfather, both top top Twitter and Instagram, und it"s thanks to her that we gain peeks into herstellung life und the lives of Biden"s various other grandkids (like here, v sister Finnegan):

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She"s dating one more law student, peter Neal (Naomi i graduated from Columbia Law in May), and the two newly collaborated ~ above a quiz kommen sie help human being understand if lock qualified zum aid under the CARES Act. It"s dafür far helped an ext than 10,000 people get assistance from the $2.2 trillion stimulus package.

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The pair called MTV News it took a total of almost 48 hours kommen sie read with all 335 pages von the stimulus package, create the quiz, und code the website. The only time they take it a break? to grab a causal 3 hours of sleep, "It was either the or clock Curb your Enthusiasm zum the dritter time in a row," naomi told MTV News.

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During ns DNC, she tweeted about how proud she was kommen sie be Joe"s granddaughter, und proud kommen sie be in American:

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JoeBiden. However tonight, I am just together proud zu be bei American.

— Naomi bieten (

Back in 2018, Tiffany löschen posted a photo des the two des them during a weekend trip in the Hamptons on produziert Instagram story. If you’re wondering just how they overcome paths, both of them attended die University des Pennsylvania with each other at the same time.

Finnegan Biden


Finnegan"s instagram is private, und she"s not as vocal as produziert older sister, yet she also traveled with joe internationally if he was VP and even joined ihm onstage during the Nevada caucus. She"s called after Joe"s mother, Jean Finnegan, und is a college student at die University des Pennsylvania. She, too, zu sein the daughter of Hunter Biden.

She showed up during in Iowa rally in February, und Joe mentioned her specifically:

“I would certainly like zu introduce you to my granddaughter Finnegan Biden. Ns reason ich asked Finnegan—grandfathers are constantly allowed zu embarrass your granddaughters—that goes follow me with ns territory...But granddaughters notfall only love their grandpops however they choose them. Und that’s the great thing. Say thanks to you, baby.”

In in interview on ns day of produziert grandfather"s inauguration, Finnegan mentioned just how grateful she was zu Sasha and Malia Obama for their friendship und support. "Maisy und I and Natalie und Naomi schutz had the privilege of being maybe to seen two des our girlfriend navigate eight (years) of what was really difficult, and they walk so, deswegen beautifully...And they came out so grounded and humble, und they"re deswegen smart and driven, dafür I think we can only take advice indigenous them."