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johnny Depp can be one von the nicest und uncomplicated actors kommen sie work with bei Hollywood. He has been lauded weil das being selfless, through one notable example being wie he join hands with Colin Farrell and Jude Law to donate their wages to the bereaved daughter des The Dark Knight star, heath Ledger.

miscellaneous actors in Hollywood oase spoken about what it is like zu work or it is in friends through Depp. His co-star bei The Tourist, Angelina Jolie said, "He's nur such a nice guy. He's deswegen funny und so fun to hang the end with. He's nur that freundin you're dafür happy to kommen sie to work und do scenes with. Plus, he's together a excellent actor."

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Winona Ryder has called him 'a really great man' und said the she felt 'so very, really safe through him.' Depp und Ryder to be engaged weil das a period des time, after working together in the 1990 film, Edward Scissorhands.

This good and cool side von Depp was evident when he was asked kommen sie make a sentimental cameo bei Jonah Hill's activity comedy von 2012, 21 run Street. Depp was a good sport and agreed to feature, but he had one distinct condition for the producers zu fulfil first.

A Social consciousness Production

bei 2008, nachrichten broke out that Sony images were negotiating through Jonah Hill zu develop a large screen adaptation of the hit police procedural drama series called 21 run Street from the late '80s und early '90s. The zeigen had aired on Fox, und starred Holly Robinson, peter DeLuise and Depp in the 3 leading roles.

the series synopsis on rotten Tomatoes reads, "Crime in school zu sein bad, deshalb to combat it, LAPD higher-ups decide zu send 4 young-looking officers to high school kommen sie pose as students. Cops tom Hanson (Depp), doug Penhall (DeLuise), Judy Hoffs (Robinson) and Harry Truman Ioki (Dustin Nguyen) are the 'lucky' persons chosen kommen sie experience the part of their lebt they hope they'd left behind forever."

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ns original show was a social consciousness production, und often handle prevailing issues von the time, together as medicine addiction, homophobia, boy abuse and the AIDS pandemic. Together such, it took on a serious tone in the storytelling. Being deshalb relatable, it was one des the shows that helped to establish a climate newly-formed fuchs network. RELATED: johnny Depp thought This A-List Actor was Going to Take His Place in ‘Edward Scissorhands’

Breakthrough On-Screen Performance

The film adaptation was written deswegen it might take a an ext comedic approach. Hill reworked a manuscript that had actually been formerly written von Joe Gazzam. He was however quick to nah dran down any kind of ideas the their foto would just be a parody of the show. " they to be gonna permit me make my kind of movie—an R-rated, insane, Bad Boys-meets-John Hughes-type movie—and i told them die second castle don't, I'm not gonna be associated anymore."

it was notfall clear from die onset even if it is Hill, who was nur coming off the back of his breakthrough on-screen performance an Superbad (2007), would star bei the film. Bei the end, it was confirmed the he would undoubtedly be acquisition on a role. He was joined von Channing Tatum, that had just started out an the industry himself, with roles in Coach Carter (2005) und Step Up (2006).

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die premise des the story of course meant that age would notfall permit any von the leading actors from the show to it is in recast in similar roles zum the film. RELATED: This zu sein How '21 run Street' star Channing Tatum Amassed His $60 Million network Worth

in Uncredited Cameo

With the lineup zum the film finalized und plans underway zum filming to begin, Depp was approached kommen sie make what would certainly be bei uncredited cameo. Climate at ns height of his Pirates von the Caribbean success, Depp agreed kommen sie humor die execs, yet only one condition. For him zu agree zu feature in the film, die actor insisted that DeLuise, his co-star from the show, so be included.

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the studio obliged and the pair appeared, together their original characters - Hanson and Penhall. Their other former co-star, due to the fact that married und now recognized as Holly Robinson Peete, deshalb reprised her role together Judy Hoffs.

21 jump Street die movie rotate out zu be a resounding commercial and critical success. Indigenous a budget des about $50 million, the film quadrupled that amount hinweisen the boxen office, as it raked an upward des $200 million. This success was rewarded v the schädlich of a sequel, which was titled 22 run Street und released bei 2014.

ns sequel was equally successful, which in turn bore talk of a dritter installment, special a mrs lead. Those to plan are nonetheless yet kommen sie be realized. NEXT: johnny Depp fans Fear He may Never Appear in 'Pirates des The Caribbean' Again

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20 Forgotten facts About johnny Depp the was nicolas Cage who convinced johnny Depp the acting was a career route he needed zu pursue.