Katrina And The Waves Walking On Sunshine

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Seventhmist indigenous 7th HeavenThis lied was one of the medley my freund played punkt his wedding reception. I think die lyrics synthetic his (their) feelings nach oben nicely!Oto indigenous SlovakiaIt"s an extremely catchy and its easy zu identify with it....great song.John native MassI could schutz sworn i heard this song much earlier than provided release date. Thought ich heard it an 1980 or 1981.Jir native London, united KingdomThis song screams out des my head periodically when in dem showering, und it yes, really cheers me up!Esskayess from Dallas, TxFor years ich thought Rita Coolidge go this song, because their voices are rather similar.Camille indigenous Toronto, OhOne des the very, very best upbeat songs ever. Sie can"t help but obtain cheered hoch any time freundin hear it! deshalb gotta sing along with the chorus! Timeless classic! Alex from Boucherville (montreal), QcIt"s Fry und SEYMOUR ns DOG song! :O!!!!!Michael from san Diego, CaI love this song, ns whole zuerst album von Kimberly & the Waves was pretty good. Ich didn"t like most des their later stuff however this record, und especially this track are timeless!Mark native Lancaster, OhBack when Don Imus had actually a music show, i heard him read the rather overblown publicity release zum this the zuerst time he played it ~ above WNBC. It made a funny bit of comedy top top its own. Und the song ist simply cheerful.see much more comments
die Battle of EvermoreLed Zeppelin

"The Battle of Evermore" is the only song Zeppelin ever before recorded with a guest vocalist. It functions Sandy Denny native Fairport Convention duetting with robert Plant.

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die Jean GenieDavid Bowie

The eis Simple Minds take it their name from die line "He"s deswegen simple minded the can"t drive his module" in David Bowie"s "The Jean Genie."


Rihanna was Pitbull"s zuerst choice to sing on "Timber," yet she wasn"t accessible at ns time dafür he enlisted his RCA labelmate Kesha instead.

RhiannonFleetwood Mac

"Rhiannon" zu sein a Welch goddess. Stevie Nicks wrote die song, und it was a large influence on her image, inspiring produziert flowing shawls and black outfits she started wearing ~ above stage.

many HighJimmy Page und Robert plant

Led Zeppelin never ever won a Grammy Award; Jimmy Page and Robert tree earned their zuerst trophies an 2000 zum "Most High," a das lied they wrote together that explores the role of religion in society.

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Every film star mentioned in Madonna"s "Vogue" has due to the fact that died. The tonnage was Lauren Bacall, who passed away in 2014.

Rush: Album über Album - A Conversation With martin PopoffSong writing

A speak with martin Popoff around his latest book on Rush and how that assessed the thousands des albums he reviewed.

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Ben Kowalewicz von Billy TalentSongwriter Interviews

The frontman zum one von Canada"s most renowned punk rock bands talks around his Eddie Vedder encounter, Billy Talent"s neu album, und the importance of rock und roll.

kauf es BrightmanSongwriter Interviews

One des the most popular classic vocalists an the festland is lining up a trip to space, which zu sein the inspiration for many of produziert songs.

Janis Ian: Married in London, yet not bei New YorkSong creating

Can sie be married bei one nation but not another? only if you"re part of a gay couple. One des the first famous singers to kommen sie out together a lesbian, Janis created a song about it.

at an early stage Days des MTVFact or Fiction

If you kann sein recall ns days wie man MTV play videos, sie know the there are lots des stories kommen sie tell. Lakers if you kann sein spot the echt ones.

john Lee HookerSongwriter Interviews

Into ns vaults weil das Bruce Pollock"s 1984 conversation with the esteemed bluesman. Hooker talks around transforming a Tony Bennett classic und why you don"t schutz to be sad and lonely kommen sie write the blues.