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In today’s online world, maintaining our passwords secure have to be a oberteil priority. Goalkeeper vault, an excellent password manager for businesses und families, renders this a simple task. Bei this keeper password direktors review, we’ll zeigen you every it has to offer.

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What is Keeper Password Manager?

How numerous times oase you gone kommen sie a webseite you can not use visited zum a while, only to see that her password zu sein incorrect? you’re forced zu go through the tiresome recovery process, add to having to remember the in brand geraten new one. All von this tun können be avoided by using a password storage app.

Keeper zu sein a terrific password tool v best-in-class security, flexibility, und excellent customer support. Plus, the intuitive interface helps sie keep everything an one place, consisting of your credit card numbers und other angestellter documents. This thorough guide will show you all its benefits.

Keeper Password direktors Features

Keepers ist more than nur a safe password storage app. Let’s take it a look at at the features below.

Password Generator & Auto-Fill

You and your employees will never have to think von a neu password again. This password vault software program creates a arbitrarily strong password, uses that on websites, and stores it for future use. Every passwords wollen be different throughout used platforms for even much better security.

Password defense Audit Report

Never take risks with a weak password again. The service tracks password security and reports on any type of issues. Goalkeeper helps institutions meet und stay SOX-compliant, enforcing inner control kommen sie protect the organization’s digital data.

Zero-Trust and Zero-Knowledge Security 

Keeper makes use of zero-trust and zero-knowledge security. This indicates that everyone within ns organization should be authenticated und authorized prior to gaining access to any application.

Data breaches space mitigated, und the die info is retained safe with on-premise, cloud, und hybrid-cloud settings for client’s password management. We’re not the only Keeper password direktors review kommen sie point the end that this zu sein one of the ideal safety features.

Private Vaults

With Keeper, every employee will oase their very own private environment kommen sie store und manage passwords, files, and personal data. There’s also an option to create shared folders, sub-folders, or passwords throughout teams und individual users.

Secure file Storage

Besides keeping your password safe, Keeper’s digital vault is a highly secure encrypted environment where you can store every files, documents, and videos without worrying around cyber attacks und potential ransomware. Goalkeeper Security inc will never know any kind of passwords or access sensitive die info as all stored dünn is encrypted.

Admin Console

In die admin console, you tun können manage und monitor every Keeper accounts bei the organization. It so allows you to enforce 2FA or other security policies for optimal protection.

Role-Based Access

Since passwords and documents can be mutual through ns software, team supervisors can also customize access kommen sie specific files based upon a mannschaft member’s roles and responsibilities.

Custom Fields

Not only does this software act only as secure password storage, yet it can so store her driver’s patent or passport number und put this angestellter information in one for sure place. Sie can deshalb use the Keeper defense vault kommen sie store your credit transaction card information for faster checkout hinweisen websites.

Emergency Access

The keeper program lasst uns you set trost five trusted emergency contacts zu grant vault access in bei emergency. With this feature, not a einzel password wollen be lost after ns passing of a family member.

Version History

Changing passwords is essential weil das increased security. Goalkeeper stores all user data in AWS. This feature enables users to access and restore vault versions von their records.

Private messaging (Apple, Android, und Windows)

With this tool, you can contact friends and family while maintaining a high level of security. Private messages space stored an a certain digital vault that you kann sein access making use of your fingerprint biometrics. Messages tun können be retracted or set zu self-destruct. Keep an mind that this feature has kommen sie be purchased separately.


BreachWatch möchte alert you if your passwords space stolen. To anfang using this feature, you schutz to set up records in the vault to perform the scan. This tool is deshalb purchased separately, but you tun können always use the Dark web scan to examine your charme status weil das free.

Keeper Chrome Extension

Another handy way von using goalkeeper is über installing the google Chrome extension. It protects und auto-fills passwords v ease. It so lets users:

Generate passwordsProtect confidential filesShare passwordsAccess history Easily switch between multiple accounts Sync passwords

Keeper cell phone Apps

Since mobile gadgets are a huge part of our lives, a Keeper apps for iOS and Android ist available. The has comparable features together a desktop computer client and web extension, and many keeper reviews agree that it’s easy zu use. The email and master passwords space used kommen sie login und gain access to:

VaultChatsIdentity und payments2FA codesSecurity auditBreachWatch 

It’s one von the best password protection apps top top today’s market. The interface zu sein sleek, and it’s effortless kommen sie use it wie it’s synced on every devices.

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Keeper Security

When it comes zu security, goalkeeper utilizes PBKDF2 through HMAC-SHA256. Its Password-Based vital Derivation role 2 zu sein used kommen sie reduce vulnerabilities and attacks.

HMAC-SHA256 zu sein a certain type of message authentication code with a mystery cryptographic key. The used zu provide complex digital signatures as it converts ns master password into in encryption key.

At die record-level encryption, all stored credentials oase a unique record identifier. The privatgelände keys are so encrypted prior to transmission. For users who log bei with a understand password, the key zu sein derived from die password itself.

For enterprise users who log in with in SSO identification provider, encrypted tricks are sent to ns device after effective authentication. Then, the user’s private keys room used to decrypt various other vault keys.

The cloud Security Vault itself ist physically organized with amazonas Web Services in multiple data centers worldwide. Keeper also stores a finish encrypted version history des every save record, an interpretation that the data is never lost. A point-in-time restore zu sein always available in case any type of passwords obtain deleted.

Ease des Use and Interface

All you oase to carry out to start using Keeper zu sein register at its website von entering your email und setting up a master password. once you’ve registered, you can transfer all your existing passwords into the software. Finally, you tun können set up two-factor authentication, which we recommend.

Ours isn’t die only keeper password direktors review the speaks highly von its interface. Users liebe its simplicity. The clean, und all needed functions are discovered on die left side des the screen.

You kann download the client from ns Keeper website, and installation ist quick und straightforward. die desktop interface looks the very same as a goalkeeper password anwendung for mobile devices.

Customer Support

Keeper support gives 24/7 customer support über email, phone, und live chat. Wie man using the direkt chat, you’ll be welcomed über a chatbot. Once freundin enter your e-mails address, freundin get through kommen sie a customer assistance representative. We uncovered the mannschaft to be very responsive and knowledgeable

The knowledge base provides sie with user guides, FAQ, and the option to check ns apps for system outages.

If freundin want to learn more, yes sir a free Q&A webinar you kann sein register to. Additionally, there space tutorials, blog posts, and a source library available. It no surprise united state that other Keeper reviews join us in rating ns customer support really high.

Keeper Plans und Pricing

Keeper supplies a very limited complimentary version for one cell phone device per account. Zu unlock most features, you kann upgrade kommen sie one des its payment plans:

Personal: From $2.91/user/monthBusiness: From $3.75/user/monthEnterprise: From $5/user/monthFamily: From $6.24/user/month

All plans kommen sie with a free 30-day trial. Keeper software application doesn’t market a money-back guarantee. If you a student, you kann sein enjoy 50% off all plans.

Verdict – is Keeper precious It?

Our keeper password direktors review concludes the it’s one of the most safe password management tools ~ above today’s market. Von utilizing die PBKDF2 und HMAC-SHA256 encryption, all passwords and sensitive information möchte continuously be protected. As it’s easily accessible on lot of platforms, it’s ns right choice weil das individuals, families, and businesses.

Its interface is simple und easy zu navigate. Save on computer passwords, credit card information, and using ns auto-fill feature zu sein straightforward from any type of device. Users can save time und generate passwords with just a couple of clicks.

The downside ist that you’ll have to usage some attributes separately. While some space free, you’ll schutz to acquisition others, but the price zu sein not plainly stated on ns website. Some users so complained that die auto-fill pops nach oben randomly and not bei the appropriate places.

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Still, this keeper password direktor review shows that ns software is a wonderful tool. For everything the Keeper offers, we find ns price very reasonable.