Legal Oder Illegal

Despite die prosecution operators, the portal enjoys among movie fans great popularity. Zu sein safe or rechtswidrig terrain? here you kann get all ns facts to rights!

Streaming service on die very recent blockbusters and series zugriffszeiten naturally bring ns eyes von each film freaks shine. If ns streams room then so have kommen sie tepid, almost nobody comes more around it. That is so reflected in the numbers des users on die Portal und downloading the app However, common sense ought kommen sie provoke skepticism wie movies the just in the cinema, suddenly so free on the net.

Du schaust: legal oder illegal


If ns user zu sein on sure?


Terms of illegal Consequences

Users have to sign cease und desist, never to copy clip again.Claims zum compensation should be paid: these arise in part from ns legal fees, i beg your pardon are around 150 euros. Ns second part is derived from ns actually incurred damage. Here about 10 euros zum the movie (or video rental) are calculated per film.

User is safer without

Those that want kommen sie distance us from piracy, gray areas and illegality, have to stay far from this und other streaming portals von this kind. Die user zu sein certain an any case, just without That uses ns streams ist liable to prosecution.

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This does notfall mean that each streaming offering amounts to illegal. Over there are rather legal alternatives. Versus monthly fees you kann sein enjoy movies, series and Co. Legitimate on Netflix, max cathedrals, clock Ever, google Movies and amazonas Instant Video. Over there are also free services such as youtube or Vimeo, whereby you kann sein track great classic. Thus has offered his consent to stream as these portals von authors, it ist legal. This zu sein not ns case with, here are films without owning die license to broadcast. Therefore, ns user kann sein not be sure with

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Note: Add kommen sie this that the polizei already shown that behind put skilled cyber crime, which ausblüten shying far from fatality threats either before arson. Bei addition, extortion und tax evasion operators room accused. Deshalb wenn into this category.