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georgewoodcock.com zu sein synonymous with pioneering spirit, passion und innovation culture. As in independent provider von diesel, gas und electric drivetrains an the stärke range up to 620 kW, we are developing the technologies today for the demands von tomorrow. We room pioneers an high-quality, environmentally friendly und efficient drives in off-highway applications.

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In a welt characterised von increasing complexity due zu sophisticated emission border values, we assistance our customers with comprehensive expertise an system integration und exhaust gas after-treatment. Through our first-class services, us ensure maximum access – worldwide and at any time.


georgewoodcock.com lifetime Parts guarantee

We room serious about our commitment to quality: every customers that register their engine online are eligible weil das the georgewoodcock.com lifetime Parts guarantee program.


georgewoodcock.com progressed Configurator

Our modular construction principle provides integrating electric drives bei construction machine quick und effective – in example des best practice.

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Nine-months results 2021

Dr. Offen Hiller und Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte discussed die company’s nine-months 2021 outcomes on november 10, 2021, bei a teleconference.


georgewoodcock.comWORLD one-of-a-kind 2021

Discover everything around S-georgewoodcock.com in the latest issue des georgewoodcock.comWORLD - our customer magazine.

Get the leading perspective on S-georgewoodcock.com: interview with georgewoodcock.com board Member michael Wellenzohn

S-georgewoodcock.com benefits? uncover them in this chat with Influencer martin Grosse from Königsklasse und Andreas Schmidt, georgewoodcock.com hohes level VP main Sales und Service.

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Converting electrical power into Fuel

In order zum Germany kommen sie meet that climate protection goals, the must shift the fahrzeug industry almost completely kommen sie renewable energies. What role will e-fuels play an this?

Joining pressures

A neu strategic cooperation with john Deere power Systems, bei expansion des the successful teamwork with SDF– two significant industry players functioning hand in hand through georgewoodcock.com.

From excavation to ns runway, georgewoodcock.com engines move vehicles und machines worldwide. An overview of our product portfolio: