Ku klux klan wallpaper

During die 1920s, ns Ku Klux Klan was very active in Southern California - especially bei the stadt of Inglewood. Three of these bild from die Los angeles Times archives are connected to in April 22, 1922, KKK raid bei Inglewood that left one einer dead.

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In a might 30, 1999, article, Cecilia rasmussen wrote about die raid:

…Inglewood--then ns county’s farming hub--was the nation’s fastest-growing city. And to keep it a white good news town, klansmen posted indicators that read “Caucasian-only.”

On a cold feather night--April 22, 1922--more 보다 100 armed und hooded klansmen damaged into die Inglewood home des alleged bootleggers--Fidel und Angela Elduayer, Basque immigrant from Spain. Die intruders forced ns couple’s 2 teenage daughters kommen sie disrobe--contemporary accounts room silent ~ above what may oase followed--then ransacked ns house and brutally to win Fidel and his brother, Mathias. When the Inglewood police arrived, shots to be exchanged, leaving one klansman dead und two wounded.

Two work later, klan-sympathizing Inglewood residents--hostile and armed v pistols--jammed the tiny bezirk coroner’s listening room, where die victim’s human body lay top top a table in the corner. Maintaining die “night riders’ ” innocence, großartiger Goblin william S. Coburn, head des the klan an California und five other states, claimed that his men had actually only tried to “clean up the town’s bootleggers.”

But in Inglewood website traffic cop, offen Woerner, and a 19-year-old eyewitness, Clyde Vannatta, told an additional story: Woerner testified that on ns night des the raid he had received a contact from the Elduayers’ terrorized Japanese neighbor, who danach hid with six small children an a nearby field. Ns officer hitched a ride outside Inglewood stadt Hall native Vannatta, who happened kommen sie be riding by on his motorcycle. Skidding to a stop weist Pine Street, they were met by bei armed group of hooded klansmen.

When ns klan leader dubbed out weil das the two to throw up their hands, Woerner replied, “Throw nach oben your hands yourself. I’m in officer,” as he shined his flashlight ~ above his badge.

But when die leader--who later was identified as Inglewood Constable Medford Mosher--made a threatening motion with his gun, Woerner danke für his pistol und shot him tot as he and Vannatta easily headed zum cover.

An exchange of gunfire ensued; Woerner hurt Mosher’s son, Walter, an the arm und another klansman, Leonard Ruegg, in the groin.

While ns gunfight continued, various other klansmen ransacked ns house, slashing the furniture und breaking everything bei sight. Castle dragged the Elduayer brothers--bound, gagged und badly beaten--to a car and dumped them six miles away.

On the basis of testimony von Woerner und Vannatta, a grand jury was convened. Meanwhile, another foe von the klan, Los angeles County Dist. Atty. Schneidbrett Woolwine, launched bei investigation together with state und federal agents. Ultimately, 150 reluctant klansmen to be called to testify. Investigators native Woolwine’s office searched the klan’s headquarters in the Haas building at 7th Street and Broadway an Los Angeles. There, they uncovered robes and hoods, crosses, member cards und dues receipts des several hundred komm schon Angeles, Kern und Orange heer men who had paid $10 zu join. ….

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While many KKK members to be exposed, the gruppe rebounded. They acquired revenge über forcing Woolwine right into retirement.

Following World zu sein II, die Klan’s influence easily faded bei Southern California.

Rasmussen’s complete 1999 post Klan’s Tentacles once Extended kommen sie Southland is online.


April 26, 1922: Raid on die Ku Klux Klan Los angeles office. Native left zu sein Undersheriff Eugene Biscailuz, Deputy Sheriff joe Nolan, KKK secretary C. R. Isham opening safe, and Chief Deputy Dist. Atty Doran, einer on right ist unidentified.

April 29, 1922: Dist. Atty. Nelson von Orange County, left, Dist. Atty. Gearhart of Fresno, center, and Det. James Smith von Dist. Atty. Schneidbrett Woolwine’s office, right, research a Ku Klux Klan gown und mask seized in the recent raid on großartiger Goblin williams S. Coburn’s office.


April 25, 1922: during a coroner’s inquest, Inglewood motorcycle Officer Blake Shambeau, designated by in arrow, admitted ns Inglewood raid was planned von the Ku Klux Klan. Shambeau was notfall present during ns raid.
(Los angeles Times)

March 6, 1922: Members von the Ku Klux Klan weist funeral weil das member weist Inglewood Cemetery.

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(Los angeles Times)

June 29, 1924: Members des the Ku Klux Klan gather hinweisen 5th and Olive streets in downtown Los angeles for church leistungen at ns Temple Baptist Church.