Look Mom No Hands

So after ~ a stupid reply zu a joking facebook image caption ich put up (from my mother of course), I gott into a conversation through some friends around where the aufleuchten this originated. Either my Google-fu is particularly weak today, or there isn"t a typically accepted recommendation to the beginning von this saying obtainable (former being much more likely).Most searches just result in pages und pages of "Look ma, no *noun*!" variations of blog and post subjects.Help me Loungey-wan, you"re my only hope.

Du schaust: Look mom no hands

My guess is a Bandaid commercial from die 50s or something. Can"t uncover anything factual online quickly indigenous work. But, that"s my best guess.Edit: "Look Ma....no cavities!" was from a crest commercial. Might that have been die true wording?

I seem zu recall it was a kid on a cycle riding without his hands on ns handlebars...laundry soap maybe?

One odd search ich did came nach oben with a quote from a 1946 Marx brother movie that was in the form of "Look, no hands!" referring to driving a car. Die phrase "Look ma, no hands" is also in two von the Chronicles des Riddick films, deswegen I guess freundin could credit ns awesomeness that ist Vin Diesel und some sort von temporal anomaly.

I seem kommen sie recall it was a son on a bike riding there is no his hand on die handlebars...laundry soap maybe?
This zu sein the erste time i remember see it. Ich don"t mental what die commercial was weil das but BandAid does kommen sie to mind.

From every kid, ever, since die dawn des time, trying to get your mother"s approval at their actions.

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From every kid, ever, since die dawn des time, trying kommen sie get their mother"s approval at their actions.
From every kid, ever, since the dawn des time, trying zu get your mother"s approval weist their plot riding a bike through no hands.

It originated an July 1968 when, top top receiving a new bicycle together a gift, i alerted my mother kommen sie my maiden trip down ns hill in front des our house über shouting, "Look mommy, no hands!" only to hit a pothole und slide facefirst ns remaining distance.

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It originated in 5 BC, when Oedipus want to show his mommy a magic trick.Oedi: "Mom, I"m gonna show you a magic trick, come here and face forward"Jocasta: "Ok"Oedi: "Now, I"m going zu insert my thumb hoch your ass"Jocasta: "Sure"Oedipus inserts then proceeds to insert his penis.Oedi: "Do you feel my thumb nach oben your ass?"Jocasta: "Yes"Oedi: "Look ma, no hands!"

^^ Well... Wow. Yeah, ich think that"s actually it



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