Lufthansa Neue Business Class

Lufthansa will be introducing a new unternehmen class on upcoming 787s, but it won’t be die carrier’s new unternehmen class that was announced back an 2017. Bei this post ich wanted kommen sie talk about what we understand about die new business class product, and then re-superstructure my ideal guess von what seats Lufthansa will offer.

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Business klasse on Lufthansa’s upcoming 787s

On Monday it was announced the Lufthansa ordered an additional 5 Boeing 787-9s und five Airbus A350-900s (on top of the existing order).

Perhaps many exciting zu sein that Lufthansa möchte take delivery von all five of those Boeing 787-9s bei 2021 und early 2022. While the timing may (understandably) it seems ~ strange, ns reason weil das this is that Lufthansa got a good deal on the planes since they’ve currently been manufactured and were intended zum other airlines.

One question ich raised zu sein what business class seat Lufthansa would market on these 787s:

Lufthansa’s new unternehmen class for the Boeing 777-9

With Lufthansa acquisition delivery von its first 787 bei a matt of months, whereby does that leave us? It’s reported by that Lufthansa möchte introduce bei “upgraded” business class product ~ above upcoming Boeing 787s, but not the new business class product we’re at some point expecting.

It’s being claimed that Lufthansa will be designing a business class product similar zu what it’s right now offering, however with direct aisle access from every seat (for the record, ich don’t think this zu sein quite correct, as ich don’t think Lufthansa is “designing” anything, but more on that below).

As a Lufthansa spokesperson explains:

The 5 Boeing 787s that Lufthansa will receive von mid-2022 wollen have bei upgraded business Class contrasted to die current product. This represents in important zuerst step in improving ours long-haul product as a whole, in the course of i beg your pardon the neu Lufthansa Group unternehmen Class will be introduced.

Which Boeing 787-9s zu sein Lufthansa getting?

Lufthansa’s upcoming Boeing 787-9s room planes the were manufactured for other airlines, but those airlines decided not to take delivery of the planes.

The always knowledgeable
xJonNYC suggests these 787-9s will oase “inherited” unternehmen class seats. Thus figuring out which airline(s) these planes to be intended zum could deshalb give united state a clue of what business class seats kommen sie expect.

I’ve seen some civilization speculate that these 787-9s were intended for Norwegian. On the surface that renders sense, offered that there are four 787-9s that schutz been manufactured und that to be intended for Norwegian, but which ns airline will no longer take distribution of, offered that Norwegian has reduced all lang haul routes.

However, ns fact that Lufthansa plans kommen sie “inherit” business class seats seems zu suggest the this isn’t die source des the planes, since Norwegian doesn’t have unternehmen class (but rather just premium economy).

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Could Lufthansa be getting 787-9s intended for Norwegian?

To me the viel more likely explanation ist that these to be 787-9s that were intended weil das Hainan airlines or Vistara, based purely on the cabin configuration.

Hainan is an a disastrous financial situation, und hasn’t bring away delivery des quite a few neu planes. Together a matter of fact, Vistara has actually taken over some von Hainan’s orders, however there space questions around Vistara’s willingness zu take delivery of more 787-9s.

I’m going with Vistara. LN’s 887, 893, 905, 913 und 1027. GEnx powered.

— Gavin Werbeloff (
Travel_Buddha) may 3, 2021

Here’s what I’m expecting native Lufthansa

For context, Lufthansa’s current business class product is in a 2-2-2 configuration, and I can’t think von any valuable or efficient means you’d turn that right into a 1-2-1 configuration, as is hinted at bei the frühen zeitpunkt story quoted above. Yes, Apex Suites space awesome and so in a 2-2-2 configuration, however those seats are expensive and the density isn’t great, deswegen I doubt that’s what Lufthansa ist getting.

Lufthansa’s current business class product

The only logical explanation here ist that Lufthansa is “inheriting” unternehmen class seats the were planned for these planes, given die short notice. My money ist on one of two options.

I think ns most likely explanation ist that Lufthansa will schutz reverse herringbone seats, i m sorry you’ll find on a variety des airlines. There room two execution — there are ns Safran Cirrus seats and the Collins Aerospace at sight Diamond seats, which room among die most common seats ~ above 787s (Hainan has die former).

Hainan’s Boeing 787-9 unternehmen class

The 2nd most most likely option, in my opinion, ist that Lufthansa’s 787-9s möchte get Stelia Aerospace Symphony seats, which zu sein what Vistara supplies (you’ll deshalb find this seats on Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, etc.).

Vistara’s Boeing 787-9 business class

Bottom line

Lufthansa wollen be acquisition delivery of five Boeing 787-9s in the coming months, and the airline plans kommen sie introduce a business class product featuring straight aisle accessibility from every seat.

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No, the planen won’t have Lufthansa’s new unternehmen class product announced in 2017, however rather will have some sort of other product, most likely inherited from every little thing airline was supposed to get these planes. If i had to guess, I’d say these 787-9s were originally intended for Hainan Airlines, und that Lufthansa will offer turning back herringbone seats an business class.