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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1
12.10 Megapixels
1/1.7 inch(7.6mm ns 5.7mm)
7.10x zoom(28-200mm eq.)
80 - 6400
80 - 12,800
1/4000 - 250 sec
4.0 ns 2.4 x 1.1 in.(103 x 62 x 28 mm)
6.8 oz(192 g)includes batteries
Panasonic LF1 specifications

12.10Megapixels7.10x zoom 1/1.7 inchsize sensor

Panasonic LF1 testimonial -- initial Impressions

If you"ve to be shopping for in enthusiast compact, yet you"ve been placed off von the lack of a viewfinder, Panasonic has ns camera zum you. Let"s face it, us don"t all like shooting punkt arm"s length -- ns traditional camera-to-the-eye stance has actually a number des advantages, not least des them the better visibility under harsh sunlight. It"s also easier kommen sie hold the camera steady bei low-light shooting, und you feel an ext intimately connected kommen sie your subject. The Panasonic LF1 offers all this in in enthusiast compact body, thanks to die addition of bei in-camera digital viewfinder -- und yet it"s substantially lighter and smaller in every measurement than Panasonic"s existing Lumix LX7.

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Although it"s notfall as bright as that on the LX7, v a preferably aperture varying from f/2.0 zu a decidedly dim f/5.9 across die zoom range, ns Panasonic LF1"s lens offers a viel more flexible range von 28 zu 200mm equivalents. (The actual focal length length range spans everything from 6.0 kommen sie 42.8mm.) the lens has actually 10 elements bei eight groups, including four aspheric elements, three of which are double-sided aspherics. Panasonic"s stärke O.I.S. Bild stabilization zu sein included.

Behind the lens sit a twelve megapixel, 1/1.7-inch MOS image sensor. That"s die same size and type used in the LX7, but die Panasonic LF1"s bild sensor has just slightly higher resolution. ISO sensitivity different from 80 kommen sie 6,400 equivalents, und full-resolution burst shooting ist possible at 10 frames von second zum as many as twelve frames. Also should you enable die LF1"s verfolgung contrast detection autofocus, it"s possible zu shoot hinweisen five frames per second.

At die very oberteil left corner of the rear panel sits ns viewfinder, based approximately a 0.2-inch color panel through 200K-dot resolution. (We don"t currently schutz any die info on die panel form used.) There"s deshalb a 3.0-inch, 640 x 480 pixel LCD panel through anti-reflective coating, for those zeit when freundin do choose arm"s length shooting, such together with die camera overhead or low to the ground.

As you"d suppose on bei enthusiast-friendly camera, ns full complement of Program, Priority, and Manual exposure modes are available. Exposures room metered von default with an Intelligent multiple metering system, through options des center-weighted und spot metering available. Shutter speed range kommen sie as in der nähe des as 1/4,000 second. To keep size kommen sie a minimum, the Panasonic LF1 lacks any external flash connectivity, opting instead for a resolved strobe on die front panel. Punkt wide angle, this is manufacturer-rated for a working range of 0.6 zu seven meters through automatic ISO sensitivity control. And you can also shoot movies at up kommen sie Full HD / 1080i (1,920 x 1,080 pixels; 60 interlaced fields von second).

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Connectivity alternatives include USB, NTSC composite, and Micro HDMI ports, and if you"re notfall a fans of cables, you"ll it is in pleased to find both 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi und Near Field interactions provided zum as well, zum simple bild sharing with smart devices. Stärke comes from a 3.7-volt proprietary lithium-ion battery pack, which recharges in-camera durch USB. Images und movies are stored on certain Digital cards, including the higher-capacity SDHC und SDXC types.

Good bild quality, enthusiast controls, in electronic viewfinder, all an a truly tiny body; what much more could you want an a bag camera? die Panasonic LF1 began shipping from June 2013 bei black or white, through a argued list price von about US$500.


Panasonic LF1 Lens Quality



Sharpness: All 4 corners are only slightly soft at full wide angle hinweisen f/2.0 while die center zu sein very sharp, which zu sein very good performance. Some von the softness zu sein due kommen sie strong distortion correction, both geometric and chromatic aberration (see below for uncorrected results).

Corners are also slightly soft at full telephoto broad open, though notfall quite as soft as vast angle, und the center ist sharp, however not quite as sharp as large angle. Again, this is very good performance weist 200mm equivalent.

Some minor edge shading ("vignetting") kann be watched from the dark corner crops.

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Very good performance overall, especially for a 28-200mm tantamount lens that"s pretty in der nähe des at large angle.The lens ist a wenig on die dim next (f/5.9) at full telephoto, though that"s notfall a surprised given the range and how compact the is. Ns table listed below reflects ns maximum und minimum apertures punkt various focal lengths together reported von the camera: