With a solid track record von sporting accomplishments, world-class weightlifter matthias Steiner had promised his wife he would win a gold medal at die 2008 Beijing Olympics. Tragically, Steiner’s wife Susann was never kommen sie see er compete weist Beijing. She sadly passed away an a car accident ns summer before the Games.

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After a number des failures within die competition, unable kommen sie lift the same weight together his counterparts, matthias had one final gelegenheit at glory. Die final weight expected lifting a vast difference von 10kg in order kommen sie claim gold.
With remarkable determination, Steiner do a clean jerk von 258 kg und a pistole lift von 461 kg. Bei achieving an outstanding performance, Steiner turn his tragic lose into the inspiration that needed kommen sie fulfil his promise to Susann: to become bei Olympic gold medallist bei Beijing.

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Choking back tears and holding a photograph of Susann, Steiner took his place on ns medallists’ podium. Kissing the picture, Steiner embraced his Olympic gold medal, saying, “I managed kommen sie lift the because ich had this strong, innermost urge. I’m not the superstitious type, ich don’t believe bei higher powers, but ich hope she saw me. Ich wish.”
Steiner’s passionate motivation to realise his dream of Olympic gold was do real in memory von his wife, Susann. These loving words des encouragement went a lang way in his emotional road to the podium.

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