Mercedes S 65 Amg

Highs positive palatial interiors, silky refinement and thrilling athleticism, many tech und luxury features. Lows Sedan body style notfall available, cabin entwurf looks date versus new S-class, treiber assists price extra. Verdict Although pricey und soon-to-be replaced, the AMG-tuned S63 coupe und cabriolet room luxurious, powerful, and still extremely attractive.


Mercedes-Benz has actually debuted the next-generation S-class sedan, yet those seeking a souped-up AMG S-class will have to settle zum a two-door 2021 S63—for now. Accessible as a coupe or cabriolet (read: convertible), ns S63 still rides ~ above the alt S-class platform and features an interior through less technical wizardry. Notfall that we"re complaining. They"re currently ns only way kommen sie get a 603-hp twin-turbo V-8 und sport-oriented chassis enhancements bei a vehicle wearing ns S-class badge. This configuration offers swift acceleration und surprisingly agile handling yet neither des those attributes compromise the S63"s smooth and refined steering manners. V impeccably crafted cabins und no shortage von upscale features und tech, die 2021 S63 coupe and cabriolet are too expensive zum most everyone, but exciting and extravagant zum the elite.

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What"s New for 2021?

For 2021, mercedes drops die V-12-powered AMG S65 sedan. The four-door human body style an AMG spec is currently ~ above hiatus as die regular Mercedes-Benz S-class start a neu generation. The S63 coupe und cabriolet carry over mainly unchanged, however. Both models are now available bei Cirrus Silver und they feature newly standard massaging front seat with intensified heating functions. A surround-view camera system is so now standard.

Pricing and Which One kommen sie Buy

Between ns hardtop and soft-top versions of the S63, we prefer ns one that kann sein go topless. Mercedes offers ns retractable soft top in four different colors (black, blue, beige, and red) hinweisen no extra cost. Over there are so appearance packages to replace the standard exterior chrome trim with schwarze farbe or carbon-fiber accents. Inside, there"s a selection of leather upholstery und trim options. Weil das those that want in assortment of active security features, the driver Assistance package fills out die roster with tools such as adaptive cruise control and other assists that make steering easier und safer.

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Engine, Transmission, und Performance

Peek under ns hood of the S63 und you"ll uncover a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine that offers 603 horsepower und 664 pound-feet of torque. Ns engine bag with bei unobtrusive nine-speed automatically transmission and all-wheel drive. This setup makes the S63 a really quick driving machine. Bei our tests, ns coupe made die dash native zero to 60 mph in a scant 3.0 seconds. Both S63 body formats comport themselves through dignity und precision. They"re also easygoing companions when die road gets rough, with suspension tuning that"s designed to keep harshness out des the cabin.


Fuel Economy und Real-World MPG

The government approximates that ns Mercedes-Benz S63 coupe will achieve fuel economy von 16 mpg bei the city and 26 mpg on ns highway. Die cabriolet version is less efficient, with ratings von 14 mpg city und 24 highway. Us observed fuel economy des 18 mpg with bei S63 coupe but really, does the matter? zum more information about ns S63"s fuel economy, visit die EPA"s website.

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Interior, Comfort, und Cargo

Cabin design is a soaring high point with ns S63. The boasts in interior that aussehen opulent indigenous every angle, through tasteful styling und the finest materials. Die front seats come with a massaging function that it is intended a spa experience. Effective insulation keeps sachen suitably muted within ns cabin when ns car is bei motion. Ns S63 convertible and coupe variants administer seven cubic feet and 10 cubes of cargo room, respectively.