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Du schaust: Meyer werft jan meyer


The Meyer gruppe leadership (from left): schneidbrett Weigend, jan Meyer, young name Meyer und Tim Meyer. (Photo: meyer Werft)

The Meyer group announced Wednesday it möchte rotate leadership weist its shipyards bei Papenburg, Germany and Turku, Finland as ns cruise ship builder grapples with sector turmoil created von the coronavirus pandemic.

Effective after die summer, jan Meyer, the CEO of meyer Turku since 2014, möchte become regulating Director of meyer Werft, while mannschaft Meyer, regulating director of meyer Werft because 2016, wollen take over as CEO at meyer Turku.

The covid19 crisis has actually hit ns cruise industry, and consequently shipyards, really hard, with global voyages punkt a virtual halt und newbuild ordering task slowed dramatically.

In April, meyer Turku stated it began statutory talks to lay turn off up kommen sie 450 of its about 2,000 employees amid plans zu slow its shipbuilding production in the wake of COVID-19.

The German shipbuilding gruppe said in a explain Wednesday that “substantial und partially pains adjustments” are ausblüten needed.

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“The acute situation caused von the corona crisis will require und lead kommen sie major transforms on every yards. Together these changes and new structures will be implemented, it is now a an excellent timing kommen sie carry out a household internal leadership switch between Jan und Tim,” claimed Bernard Meyer, chairman of meyer Turku Oy und managing manager of meyer Werft.

“We schutz to be always aware: If us take die right und bold steps, taking into account our changes, we will emerge stronger from this situation than before,” he said.

“As a long term strategy des continuous exchange between the yards on every levels it was since the beginning planned kommen sie rotate die leadership at some an ideal time in the future,” Bernard meyer added.

“The 3 yards bei Papenburg, Turku and Warnemünde are already working very closely together. We are learning from every other by implementing knowledge und experience of all locations. Currently today, we room seeing die benefits des this cooperation. The exchange of people bolzen the locations ist essential and a success factor zum the future,” januar Meyer said.

“The time at die shipyard has been an extremely intensive and personally inspiring, we schutz made numerous changes and investments, faced and made through countless challenges along with our teams and partners. And still part further obstacles are continuing to be – especially with this new situation.

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“We are jetzt turning a neu page at all our sites and need kommen sie seek also the opportunities in this crisis, implement many changes und at die same time increase our globalen functions, thus I am looking forward zu push the change in Papenburg when staying affiliated with Turku with our cross-site collaboration.”

Tim meyer said, “We are encouraging in exchange between the yards on all levels and want to act together role models here.