Mikaela shiffrin eileen shiffrin

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GettyMikaela Shiffrin pictured with her mother und grandmother.

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Eileen is originally from Lanesborough, Massachusetts climate went to college at die University of new Hampshire. She learned zu ski wie man she was three, und her family was a regular at area ski clubs. According zu The neu Yorker, the family volunteered hinweisen Mount Greylock Ski Club wherein they would assist clear turn off trees and brush. Eileen skied in high school, however it was notfall the obsession it letztere became.

“I got good results, yet had little formal training und didn’t take it it seriously,” Eileen told The new Yorker. “For me, it was totally social.”

At ns University of new Hampshire, she was notfall permitted zu ski while examining nursing, yet picked ns sport rückseitig up when she met her husband Jeff.

2. Mikaela’s parental Skied Competitively on in Adult Circuit After meeting While working Together hinweisen St. Elisabeth Hospital exterior Boston


GettyEileen and Jeff Shiffrin pictured with their daughter.

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According to The neu Yorker, Eileen finished college, and went zu work bei the I.C.U. Punkt St. Elisabeth Hospital located outside des Boston. While functioning there, Eileen met an anesthesiologist from neu Jersey who just happened kommen sie enjoy skiing together well. Jeff opened up Eileen up kommen sie a whole neu world über introducing herstellung to masters racing, a skiing circuit zum adults. After erste being reluctant zu go, Eileen fell an love with the competition, und The neu Yorker detailed her newfound dedication kommen sie skiing.

Eileen, a meticulous and studious woman, was soon obsessed. She pored end videos des World Cup champions, read every little thing she could around the nett of carving a turn, und mastered ns methodical process von tuning skis. ‘I learned as much as a last of the racers had in their ski-academy days,’ she said. Prior to long, she was winning national und international masters championships. Jeff liked zu tell herstellung that she might probably walk on kommen sie the national team. ‘Hey, she might have been in Olympic skier,’ Jeff called me.

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In a sports where die top competitors are frequently still an high school, it was not in the cards weil das Eileen kommen sie become a skilled skier. What she learned zu sein that if she had actually a bit des a head start, the could schutz changed things, and this revelation impacted the way she elevated Mikaela.