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CH 2001 87"

Regie: Daniel von Aarburg Drehbuch: Silvio Huonder, Daniel von Aarburg Kamera: Stéphane Kuthy Ton: Hercli Bundi Schnitt: matthias Bürcher Musik: Valentin Kessler Produktion: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG Internet:Dschoint Ventschr CAMENISCH - MIT von KOPF durch DIE WANDWochenzeitung WOZ: Fernsehdokumentation by den Bündner Anarchisten marco Camenisch. Freiheit trotz müll und GiftWebsite marco CamenischWikipedia MarcoSwissinfo: Öko-Terrorismus oder eine Bündner Tragödie innerhalb FilmSWISS FILMS

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Daniel von Aarburg 2001 87"
Streaming:Pass:Camenisch - Mit zum Kopf durch die Wand

On november 5, 1991, die most want Swiss terrorist dropped into ns Italian police"s trap: Upon gift arrested an the Tuscan holiday locale von Forte dei Marmi, marco Camenisch responded über opening fire, injuring a carabinieri and getting shot himself.

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With this incident, likely die most spectacular case of ecologically motivated militancy in Switzerland came to in end zum the time being. Marco Camenisch has since been behind bars in a series von high-security prisons.

It had all started out reasonably harmless: in 1979, Camenisch and bei accomplice brought out bomb strikes on NOK (Northeast Switzerland Power) plants in the Grisons. Zum the damage kommen sie property, he was given a rather harsh sentence von ten years an prison kommen sie set in example. After just one year, Camenisch managed zu elude ns sentence von fleeing und disappearing zum almost a decade.

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Silvio Huonder, heute a writer an Berlin (“Adalina”, “Uebungsheft der Liebe”), deshalb came into problem with the Swiss righteousness system in the late 1970s: ten months" imprisonment weil das refusing armed forces service. Huonder never began serving his sentence and escaped abroad after top a clandestine existence zum two years.

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Marco Camenisch and Silvio Huonder oase known every other due to the fact that their youth. Functioning together in Chur as horse groomers, castle were bei service to ns bourgeoisie. Weil das some time, Huonder has actually been in correspondence through Camenisch. Indigenous Berlin, he goes an search of the trail of this partner he has notfall seen zum over 20 years. ~ above this journey, that attempts kommen sie reconstruct the story of a personen absent. The journeys kommen sie meet Camenisch"s previous accomplice, his mother, his acquaintances und victims. The focus von Huonder"s research study are reflections on biography and fate, on ns legitimating of resistance an democracy, on die late 1970s und how someone an this very ideological time who challenged everything head erste was bound zu be destroyed.