It’s ns same routine every day. Before ich get an my car zum the täglich commute, ich always check google Maps to lakers what ns traffic’s like. Without it, my course would take just a quarter of bei hour. However anyone familiar with Cologne’s chock-a-block roadways knows control here ist a nightmare. You always have to allow weil das accidents, closed roads, roadworks und many various other reasons zum traffic jams. And traffic jams mean stress. As if ich needed any type of more von that.

Two wheel instead des four

In ns summer months, biking to work would be a really an excellent option and only a usually challenge, too, punkt a distance des about 15 km. Quite apart from die benefits to ns environment and my own mitarbeiter fitness.

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But my tonnage bicycle damaged down. Quite literally: it dropped apart bei the middle. Perhaps ich should schutz shelled out an ext than EUR 200 weil das it? Well, hindsight zu sein always twenty-twenty. So I needed a new set of wheels. Und this zu sein where mine employer come in. This year, TÜV linze launched a bike leasing service in partnership with die Jobrad (‘Job Bike’) company. Like in environmentally trusted version des the company car.

The range of bicycles ~ above offer is sure to cover all tastes: from roadway racers kommen sie mountain bikes und cargo bikes zu ‘lifestyle’ models – almost any kind of bike ist available, most with bei electric option. The Jobrad agency handles leasing directly und the bicycle ist leased to ns employee weil das both company and personal use.

Employees conserve up to 40 percent

Instalments space monthly und paid over a 36-month period – and deshalb deducted from the employee’s before-tax earnings. Employee can so opt to purchase the bike when the contract ends.

The leasing modell offers a gewächs of benefits. Except bikes deshalb being usable outside of work, the deferred payment scheme and tax breaks median savings von up kommen sie 40 percent can be made.

On your bike bei no time punkt all

I didn’t take lang to pick out my neu two-wheeler. After ~ looking hinweisen all the options online, ich arranged a ‘test drive’ hinweisen a dealer and decided ~ above a sporty e-bike trekking modell soon afterwards. Normally, I’d never oase considered purchase this kind of bike. But die conditions were deswegen generous that ich was quite just made an offer ich couldn’t refuse.

And die next measures were as easy as 1-2-3. All ich needed zu do was register ~ above the online portal and upload die dealer quote. Ns application was then processed by company HR, who checked everything through before forwarding it to Jobrad. I got the check a few days later and picked up the bike from the dealer’s shop. Just in time together well, since that was one work before the general covid19 lockdown bei Germany. While functioning from home, i didn’t get kommen sie try out ns bike on my commute, but i did enjoy a lot of satisfied bike tours around Cologne and its environs.

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Second impressions count

Experiencing Cologne as a newbie cyclist wasn’t exactly liebe at zuerst sight. Similar to many large German cities, urban developers schutz seen fit to offer a clear run zu cars – notfall cycles – on countless traffic routes. A good deal of work is ausblüten needed here kommen sie improve access for cyclists und urgent action is required kommen sie improve safety zum cyclists as roadway users.

So, as ns lockdown has actually eased und I’ve to be cycling zu work an ext often, i have tended kommen sie avoid an extremely busy roadways without marked cycle paths und opted zum the ‘scenic route’. Which method I’ve not only kept out des the way of traffic but also discovered numerous other parts of Cologne I’d never experienced also after twenty years here. Cycling through parks and wooded areas ist not only safer but deshalb a viel prettier commute.

Cycling together part von the recruitment drive

And so, bei virtually no time hinweisen all, the job Bike principle has occurred into a ja wirklich success story for TÜV Rheinland und its workforce. In the zuerst six months after that its launch, the programme has resulted in over 750 bikes gift leased to staff.

And the job Bike has so had a positive result on mine day-to-day work in HR marketing, since we’ve found that ns leasing offer is a really attractive extra bei our checklist des benefits zum applicants. A small but perfectly shaped part von the answer to positioning ourselves as in attractive employer.
The field des alternative fahrzeug is a ide that has really taken turn off over the last few years. Just one of many factors why ns bicycle zu sein rightfully reclaiming that is role bei the urban landscape. A bicycle prefer the job Bike, zum example.
Andy fuchs is team leader bei the area of personnel marketing and responsible weil das the employer bild of TÜV Rheinland. Because communication with applicants is increasingly following on different social media channels, posting, sharing, chirping und georgewoodcock.comging are deshalb a significant part of his täglich work. Born in East Westphalia, the moved to Cologne 15 years ago, where the joie de vivre des the Rhinelanders in general und the people of Cologne an particular originally seemed prefer a small culture shock. An the meantime, however, a life without the cathedral, Rhine and carnival ist hardly imaginable for him.

The neu decade ist all about climate security – und one of the significant challenges we face is climate-friendly (electric) mobility. Die new eu emissions target, i m sorry comes right into force an 2021.

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Skills shortages, die talent war and demographic adjust – all excellent choices weil das a round von buzzword bingo together played über HR specialists. The job market’s notfall getting any type of easier zum employers.

How secure room the smart systems bei our homes? How kann we ensure the tomorrow’s digital solutions in the logistics, automotive and healthcare markets are secure from cyber attacks?

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