Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

Even though, as pointed out in the facts’ section, this song is commonly applied to the mögen of losers at sporting events, what “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss ihm Goodbye” zu sein actually based upon is a love triangle. More pointedly, ns addressee is a lady whom the male singer zu sein trying zu get with. And said dame already has a boyfriend. And together alluded zu throughout, this guy has a tendency zu mistreat her.

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So die singer zu sein using that truth as in angle zu try zu convince this dame to date er instead. Thus in the pre-chorus wie he claims that the wants zu see herstellung “kiss er goodbye”, such ist actually a an allegory pointing des the idea of herstellung dumping him. And beyond him noting the end that this guy ist emotionally wrecking herstellung life, die other way in which die singer zu sein trying kommen sie rationalize her switching teams deswegen to speak is von asserting the he zu sein the one that ‘really loves’ her. So fundamentally, what ns singer zu sein telling ns addressee is that herstellung current friend doesn’t love her, yet he does. Indeed that loves her deshalb much that nur witnessing this male abuse herstellung is causing er his own personal emotional grief.

But the being said, ns bottom line is that when again this ist a lady whom he wants to get with. So weist the end of ns day, this track kann be usually categorized together a love song. However, if freundin want zu get even much more specific, it kann be classified an ext along the lines of a pickup track.


Writing Credits zum “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss er Goodbye”

This lied was written über Gary DeCarlo (1942-2017), Dale Frashuer and Paul Leka, v Paul deshalb serving as the track’s producer.They were all, zu various degrees, members of the short-lived music eis known as Steam.

vapor actually taped “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss er Goodbye” an one session. It was a song which by und large they were currently familiar with, as the three previously mentioned artists had actually penned the earlier in the decade when they activate under different band names.Indeed die ‘na-na-nas’ were basically included as filler kommen sie make the chorus von the initial version von the das lied longer.And interesting zu note is that wie they did document what proved kommen sie be their just true hit, they in reality intended weil das “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss ihm Goodbye”to be a B-side.Accordingly Steamdid notfall vest as viel energyinto do this lied as they conventionally would.

Release day

This das lied was released von Fontana records on 1 november 1969. It is featured on die only album steam ever dropped, which zu sein named after the band.

Such a effective Song

This lied was a great success zum Steam, as it topped die Billboard hot 100. It was deshalb certified Gold in the vereinigt States. The went to sell in excess von six million copies by the turn von the century.

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Indeed “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss ihm Goodbye” has actually maintained in enduring presence bei American pop culture.It zu sein one von those types von songs that human being recite weil das instance when bei opposing skilled athlete ist ejected indigenous a game or when someone zu sein eliminated indigenous a competition who they nothing like.As such, it has actually beenutilized an venuesas diverse as die WWE, NBA, MTV and even an political settings.

This lied has also been featured on renowned television mirrors such together “Cheers” (1990), “The Simpsons” (1991, 2003) und “Ally McBeal” (1998). Furthermore it so appeared on a few major-motion films, consisting of “Remember the Titans” (2000).Moreover vehicle manufacturer GMC offered it on one of their 2019 advertisements.

“Na Na Hey Hey Kiss er Goodbye” also charted an six other nations outside von the US. And this had peaking weist number nine on die UK Singles Chart.

Notable startseite

This das lied has to be covered von some big-name artists such as die Supremes (1970) und Donna Summer (1995).But most-notably girl band Bananarama to reduce their very own rendition von “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss ihm Goodbye” bei 1983. And their ausführung did fairly well, getting to number 5 on the UK Singles Chart and charting bei six countries overall.

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Also together late together 2014 Gary DeCarlo released his own solo rendition of “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss ihm Goodbye” ~ above his album “Long Time Comin”. He constantly had a bittersweet relationship with die tune.You seen Steam itself was actually developed as a straight result of the success of this song.However, ns record executives did not allow Gary (the command vocaliston ns song) kommen sie front die band.Instead the group’s command singer, wie they actually went ~ above tour, was a male named rechnung Steer.Or one more way von putting it is that wie man this track actually blew up, nobody knew it was Gary DeCarlo who sang it. Furthermore he agreed zu such bei arrangement in exchange for a solo transaction that never ever materialized. Andhis in its entirety displeasureconcerning ns matter zu sein something the apparently hosted onto until his death bei 2017.