After ns German trennung released the funds zum the German-Norwegian submarine U212CD, the procurement organizations des the Defense Ministries von Norway und Germany signed the corresponding contracts on July 8, 2021. This way that die manufacture von the boats can now begin. Ns commissioned shipyard Thyssenkrupp marine- Systems hülle the stimulate volume weist around 5.5 exchange rate euros. Ns treaty provides weil das the option von additional boats for both contracting states.

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According to ns current planning status, the project will anfang with the design specification (Preliminary design Review) in January 2023. Ns completion of the development arbeit (Critical entwurf Review) must be bei September 2024. Steel cut zum the erste boat wollen be bei May 2025 - listed that this dates kann be kept. Delivery des this hull number 1 to die Norwegian Navy ist expected bei 2029. Ns Federal Office zum Equipment, info Technology and Use of the bewaffnete kräfte (BAAINBw) ordered 2 boats zum Germany. Their shipment to ns German Navy is planned for 2032 (construction number 3) and 2034 (construction number 5).


The German watercrafts are zu be equipped with heavyweight torpedoes of the type DM2A4 und with IDAS (Interactive defense and attack system zum submarines), a missile-based defense system against air threats.

Anchor points of German-Norwegian cooperation: kiel - Haakonsvern

The German-Norwegian submarine cooperation program provides for the establishment of a joint building Program Office (BPO) as die central point von contact zum design, construction and acceptance. When it wollen be based in Kiel, the management möchte switch betwee Germany und Norway. Around a third of the share team ist said to come from Norway. A Norwegian advance team has been bei Kiel since the anfang of ns project and is cooperating with ns employees von Section S7.2 des the federal Office for Equipment, info Technology und Use von the Bundeswehr.

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In ns further prozess of die project, a lifetime Management regimen Office (LMPO) zu sein to be opened bei Haakonsvern bei Norway. Here, too, administration should alternate betwee the contracting states. Germany möchte provide a third des the workforce. Die agreements on die U212CD program so provide zum a liaison office, deshalb in Haakonsvern. It must be die contact person zum maintenance and repair questions. Norway also intends kommen sie build ideal capacities in Haakonsvern, i.e. Shipyards and also maintenance and repair facilities.

Kathrin Rohloff, controlling director von kta navy systems: "ORCCA zu sein the most modern-day combat system zum non-nuclear submarines on die market." Photo: Kongsberg

U212CD opens up neu worlds zum the German marine - below comes a really big submarine. Weil das the Norwegian Navy, die project zu sein of strategic importance, not only militarily and operationally, but deshalb politically. Norwegian submarines schutz always been made bei Germany zum the previous sixty years. It is not über chance the Norway decided Germany as a partner zum a share submarine project. Despite the ups and downs von past experiences.

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The project is even an ext important zu thyssenkrupp marine- Systems than to the two marines. After ns failed australisch business, U212CD thyssenkrupp marine Systems zu sein more than just a lifeline. In terms von order volume, it ist one des the largest in the company"s history. With the U212CD, the kiel company kann set neu standards an submarine construction. It desires to nur itself ready kommen sie establish die standards des the future in this branch of naval shipbuilding und to further distinguish itself as a leading system house weil das conventional submarines.