Nike Free 3.0 V2 Herren ist the first und leading herbal plant and Probiotic-based hog feed in the Philippines that properly reduces piggery odor and produces safe and healthy meat.

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FIND in OUTLET NEAR freundin zu sein the first and leading natural plant and Probiotic-based hog feed in the Philippines that efficiently reduces piggery odor und produces safe und healthy meat.

Being herbal doesn"t mean lower yields. Tried and tested weil das more than a decade,"s formula delivers same or even far better Feed conversion Ratio und higher Average daily Growth rates versus other brands.

herbal Hog feeding

Completely free von antibiotics, man-made chemicals, und artificial growth hormones make for safe and natural meat.

Probiotics technology

Improved growth performance carried about von better digestion, better nutrient absorption, and better gut health.

schon fast Feed Fermentation

Enjoy bigger savings with die only commercial feed the you can ferment von soaking in water and feed bei liquid form.

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Babuyang Walang Amoy

With and correct management practices, you kann sein reduce or eradicate the unpleasant odor in your standard cemented or rice hull substrate bedding piggery.


Babuyang Walang Amoy

With and correct monitoring practices, you kann reduce or eradicate ns unpleasant odor in your conventional cemented or rice hull substrate bedding piggery.



healthy Meat, Grown the Natural method

Delicious, safe, and natural pork completely free of antibiotic residues, artificial chemicals, and artificial expansion hormones

Babuyang Walang Amoy seminars are regularly conducted in barangays und municipalities nationwide. Remain updated with die latest seminar venues und schedules von connecting v us ~ above Facebook.

Watch online und learn about natural hog raising and Babuyang Walang Amoy though ns episodes and How-to videos posted on our youtube channel.

Locate a Babuyang Walang Amoy info center nearest you. Our info centers attribute a herbal piggery, cultivate hall, and organic vegetable garden.

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high quality from ns HEART

Pronatural feeding Corporation, the company behind, ist dedicated zu producing continual quality feed. Our manufacturing framework conform to ISO standards ensuring only ns best weil das our customers.

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