CONS not enough cushioning kommen sie be a daily trainer or zum distances over 10km Not viel outsole rubber reduce lifespan
OUR VERDICT ns Nike totally free RN 5.0 2020 is a lightweight, firm-riding and stable trainer. It has actually a highly flexible forefoot and is suitable weil das distances up kommen sie 10km.

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It has actually a firmer midsole compared to previous cost-free RN 5.0 versions which results in better stability and excellent ground-feel.
Nike cost-free RN 5.0 2020 – Lateral Side

The Nike cost-free RN 5.0 2020 has a comfortable, breathable top with bei acceptable level of foot lockdown. It has just the best amount of space bei the toe box und causes no chafing or hot spots.

Its for sure midsole zu sein highly flexible an the forefoot, provides an excellent stability und just enough cushioning for distances up to 10km.

You won’t be breaking any type of PR’s in the free RN 5.0, nor möchte you it is in running document distances in them however that wasn’t what die shoe was designed for.

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The totally free RN 5.0 zu sein like a specialists’ device that serves a very specific purpose. Its purpose is to strengthen the muscles und joints in your legs und to improve your to run form.

After a week of running in the complimentary RN 5.0, I kann sein without a doubt say the my form has improved and when i land, I festland underneath mine centre von gravity instead von out an front von it.

The complimentary RN 5.0 is not capable des replacing any des my täglich trainers, tempo or lang run shoes however it möchte be included into my shoe rotation due to the fact that it walk something that none des my other shoes kann do: it provides me a far better runner technically.

I would certainly like ns next version von the free RN 5.0 to schutz the heel pull tab on die centre des the heel und the outsole to feature much more rubber on ns high wear areas, also if it method sacrificing the super-lightweight.

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We purchased a pair von Nike cost-free RN 5.0 2020 indigenous runningwarehouse making use of our own money. This did not influence ns outcome des this review, created after running an ext than 50 miles bei them.