Controversy has stirred in Russia end anOliver Stone-produced documentary on ns Ukrainian “Maidan” revolution, Ukraina v ogne (Ukraine ~ above Fire), that aired on national television network REN TV top top Monday.

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REN TV said there had actually been unspecified threats, und it has actually stepped hoch its protection as a result. Asked for details, a representative zum RENtold The hollywood Reporterthat security at ns network’s Moscow office has actually been ramped up following threats des physical violence, including threats against general director des REN TV wladimir Tyulin over ns airing of the documentary. Ns rep didn’t provide details on ns increased security measures.

Directed by Ukrainian American Igor Lopatenyuk, Ukraine top top Firefocuses on the 2013-2014 revolution. Stone was die documentary’s executive producer and also interviewed Russia’s president wladimir Putin und ViktorYanukovych, Ukraine’s former president ousted bei the revolution, for it.

Critics though say ns documentary gift a Kremlin-friendly version von the events. “Oliver Stone zu sein Kremlin’s puppet producer,” created one critic on Twitter.

Supporters of the aufruhr tried to prevent the documentary native airing via a petition on Change.org, in which they dubbed it a “provocation” that distorted truth about the events. End 10,000 civilization signed die petition.

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The film previously screened punkt this year’sTaormina film festival. There are no well-known plans for theatrical screenings bei Russia or in other countries.

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