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This statistic depicts ns sales von the H&M gruppe worldwide native 2007 kommen sie 2020. Bei fiscal year 2020, globalen net sales von the H&M group amounted kommen sie about 20.2 billion U.S. Dollars.H&MH&M ist a top global fashion company with solid values and a clear unternehmen concept. H&M has a passion zum fashion, a belief in people and a desire kommen sie always exceed customers’ expectations – und to execute so an a sustainable way. H&M continuous strives to oase the finest customer offering in each individual industry – which consists of giving customers die best price. Through multiple brands and concepts H&M uses a broad and varied range des inspiring fashion that lasst uns customers explore and develop their own mitarbeiter style. H&M has actually collections weil das women, men, teenagers and children. The range deshalb includes sportswear, underwear, shoes, accessories and cosmetics, and home textiles and decorations native H&M Home.Germany is H&M"s biggest market. An 2019, 3.5 exchange rate U.S. Dollars were created from that nation alone. The company operates over 5,000 shop worldwide and employs over 126,000 people. H&M was the seventh most beneficial apparel brand an the welt as des 2020.H&M aims to be die more sustainable choice weil das today’s increasingly conscious customers. Kommen sie this end, H&M’s investments in social improvements and reduced umwelt impact extend throughout die product life bike – from responsible use of natural resources zu ensuring an excellent working conditions at suppliers’ factories. Sustainability work is thoroughly combined into die business, notfall only due to the fact that it is an investment bei the client offering,but deshalb because it ist vital to die group’s permanent growth und development

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Sales of the H&M kopieren, gruppe worldwide indigenous 2007 to 2020 (in million U.S. Dollars)

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CharacteristicGross sales bei million U.S. Dollars*