Diesel cars made über Renault, Nissan, Hyundai, Citroen, Fiat und Volvo amongst others emitted far more NOx in more rigorous tests, research shows


The exhaust pipe von a Volkswagen. Emissions experts oase warned zum some time the there were difficulties with main lab-based NOx testen Photograph: julianisch Stratenschulte/EPA
The exhaust pipe of a Volkswagen. Emissions experts oase warned zum some time the there were troubles with main lab-based NOx experiment Photograph: julian Stratenschulte/EPA

New diesel cars indigenous Renault, Nissan, Hyundai, Citroen, Fiat, Volvo und other manufacturers schutz been found to emit substantially greater levels von pollution wie tested in more realistic driving conditions, according zu new data seen von the Guardian.

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Research compiled von Adac, Europe’s biggest motoring organisation, mirrors that some of the diesel cars it examined released end 10 zeit more NOx 보다 revealed by existing europäische union tests, using an alternative conventional due kommen sie be introduced letztere this decade.

Adac put die diesel dare through die EU’s existing lab-based regulatory prüfung (NEDC) and then compared the results v a second, UN-developed prüfen (WLTC) which, while ausblüten lab-based, zu sein longer and is believed zu better represent echt driving conditions. Die WLTC zu sein currently due kommen sie be introduced von the EU an 2017.

The best polluters according to Adac’s own charme are:

Renault’s Espace energy dCi 160 emitted over 11 times more NOx in the WLTC test, with Renault’s cool Scenic und Kadjar deshalb among Adac’s oberteil 10 polluters. A Renault group spokesman said: “The kopieren, gruppe complies through all regulations und legislation zum the markets in which it operates. That vehicles are not equipped v defeat devices.”

Reinhard Kolke, head of test and technical affairs weist Adac’s state-of-the-art prüfen centre in Bavaria, told the Guardian: “If every cars adhered to , we would have solved all ns worst health effects. Every consumer has the right zu expect every manufacturers zu do this. But still there space these pistol emitters.”


Peter Mock, one of the mannschaft at the international Council top top Clean transportation who exposed ns VW diesel scandal, said ns Adac test centre was “absolutely trustworthy”.

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But Mock said ns high profile jetzt being provided to the issue des misleading emissions dünn left him with mixed feelings. “I feel happy, however I so feel sad since there was enough data und people knew weil das a lang time. Die emissions in cities oase not unable to do down choose we expected and they could have been lessened a long time ago.”

The failure von the regulatory tests is the hauptsächlich cause of illegal levels von NO2 bei many cities, according kommen sie a current UK federal government document. “It has actually had in absolutely massive effect,” stated Prof Alistair Lewis, in air pollution fließend at die University von York. “The costs möchte be in thousands of deaths und billions of pounds, all passed on to ns taxpayer.”


Emissions experts have warned for some time that there were difficulties with main lab-based NOx tests, meaning there was a failure kommen sie limit on-the-road emissions. “Gaming and optimising ns test zu sein ubiquitous across die industry,” stated Greg Archer, in emissions expert at fahrzeug & Environment.

A recent T&E round-up of evidence found this influenced nine out von 10 neu diesel cars, which to be on typical seven zeit more polluting an the echt world. But die Adac dünn are the zuerst detailed list of specific makes and models affected.

Adac so measured a Volvo S60 D4 developing NOx emissions end 14 times die official prüfung level – however a Volvo spokesman claimed that an this instance die car was faulty. “We space investigating this event further,” that said. “An at an early stage indication ist that die emission control system was out des order.”

Kolke stated Adac had notfall been contacted von Volvo und that die car would schutz needed additional equipment fitted to reduce NOx emissions kommen sie low levels. Ns Adac tests so measured a Volvo V60 D3 emitting three times ns official prüfen level. Die Volvo spokesman said: “Every Volvo vehicle on ns market heute meets die legal euro 6 standard for NOx emissions, based on die current test.”

Adac also tested cars from the euro 5 standard, which preceded the current euro 6 standard und allowed a greater level von NOx emissions in the NEDC test. A Nissan X-Trail 1.6cDi, described von Adac together a “Euro 5 accredited prüfen vehicle”, was found to emit over six times more NOx in the WLTC prüfung than the euro 5 level. Nissan said the car was a “pre-production” model and not on sale to the public.

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T&E argues that ns Adac WLTC testen are minimal estimates of actual on-the-road emissions. Archer claimed the europäische union must rückseitig up the WLTC through on-the-road tests und end the practice of carmakers paying zum the testen at their preferred test centres. “It zu sein more realistic yet it still isn’t completely representative,” stated Archer. “We blieb think there zu sein a gap des about 25% betwee the WLTC test and typical average neu car driving.”

One politician said that ns Adac testen showed over there was bei urgent need zum review. “The Adac tests nur the diesel emissions scandal is happening right across ns industry,” claimed Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, who zu sein a lead negotiator in the europe parliament on ns EU’s neu air quality law.

“We urgently need kommen sie reform. This is not just about customers gift misled, it zu sein about the thousands von premature deaths due to air pollution each year.”

PSA Peugeot Citroën said: “PSA complies with ns approval procedures an effect an all countries where it operates, and that engine settings, assuming the same conditions des use, are identical whether zum approval measures or in real life.”

This article was amended ~ above 1 October 2015 zu append a comment native PSA Peugeot Citroën that was received after die article was first published, und to clarify details of die Nissan X-Trail tested, including the fact that it was built zu meet the euro 5 standard, notfall the current euro 6 standard. Adac said Nissan had not taken ns opportunity to respond when ns X-Trail test was done in 2014, yet contacted Adac on Wednesday after ns Guardian story was published.