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"Save As" and PDF geige not working

by One Shot » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:32 pm

This has actually started a few weeks ago and persists even after uninstalling and installing ns latest version:Whenever i want kommen sie "Save As"a document... Well, naught happens. Typically the kasten opens that lets you save the file wherever but that zu sein not happening. When i simply usage "Save" after ~ editing bei existing document, it functions fine. But creating anything neu using "save as" does not work.When trying kommen sie create a PDF, ich click "export" and its ns same. Nothing seems to happen.The regimen doesnt crash, it no freeze, it nur doesnt execute anything.Any help would be substantially apprechiated - utilizing 4.1.6. ~ above Win10.

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Re: "Save As" und PDF export not working

by John_Ha » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:33 pm

It could be a d*mn fenstern 10 update which has actually messed up fenstern Defender und Defender zu sein now preventing AOO from writing to your disk. Check the fenster Defender settings for AOO (soffice.exe, soffice.bin und swriter.exe). Soffice.bin.
Edit:For full einzelheiten see troubles with fenstern Defender under fenster 10
Strange difficulties are frequently fixed von resetting the user profile - seen Resetting ns user profile.As a neu poster you möchte find viel useful information in the Writer FAQ, die Writer Tutorials, the up kommen sie date Writer guide and the Writer Manual. May ich suggest you bookmark die pages. Drücken sie F1 kommen sie access die Help screen und search for your problemThe thing headings bei the hands-on are:1 - introducing Writer2 - Setting nach oben Writer3 - Working v Text4 - Formatting Pages5 - Printing, Exporting, Faxing und E-Mailing6 - Introduction kommen sie Styles7 - Working v Styles8 - Working through Graphics9 - Working v Tables10 - Working through Templates11 - Using briefe Merge12 - Tables of Contents, Indexes und Bibliographies13 - working with grasp Documents14 - Working with Fields15 - using Forms in Writer16 - tailoring Writer – keyboard shortcuts.When a pop-up window opens, click ns Help button for extensive aid on that duty - it is often an ext comprehensive than ns manual.

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LO, windows 10 home 64 bitSee the Writer Guide, die Writer FAQ, die Writer Tutorials und Writer zum students. Remember: constantly save her Writer records as .odt files. - see here zum the numerous reasons why.

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Re: "Save As" und PDF auswärtigen not working

by Bill » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:38 pm

After click "Save As", drücken sie Alt + Spacebar. If a food selection appears hinweisen some edge von the screen, then the "Save As" dialog is somewhere off the screen und you need kommen sie move it back to the screen.