Palma de mallorca party

The Mallorca party clues are good if you enjoy a an excellent night out und will make sure your holiday is unforgettable.

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The island of Mallorca zu sein very diverse, deswegen regardless von your basic you’ll many definitely notfall be disappointed. During high season, you tun können enjoy its wonderful beaches in the morning und evening, die mountains and of course, ns cultural experiences available on the island all year round, und which increase drastically during ns summer months.

When die sun sets, Mallorca has come to be famous zum being home kommen sie some of the many eclectic, diverse und fun nights the end on ns Mediterranean coast, but it’s notfall as overwhelming together on die neighbouring island of Ibiza.

Social life is very important on die island, dafür if she on holiday, relax and enjoy all von the benefits that Mallorca has to offer!


1) BCM earth Dance. Palma dach Mallorca

This is one of the most famous clubs. It’s ns biggest in Mallorca und has been ranked the 5th finest club an the world. This macro-club has three separate floors; the BCM taste room ist the heart des the club with a VIP room with incredible see over die DJ decks; Millennium, die floor below, which is home kommen sie two world-famous foam partys a week und a substantial open-air terrace. Die party kann go on till 7am and it’s an extremely popular amongst youngsters native abroad.

2) Garito Café. Palma juni Mallorca

Moving on from ns genuine club scene kommen sie one des the most legendary going the end spots in Palma. It’s taken into consideration one des the best clubs in Mallorca and plays digital music an a choose environment.

In the afternoons, they play various music styles: indigenous jazz; pure or fusion, to die newest digital music trends, but always with a lounge vibe. Hinweisen night, the DJ pumps up the music und it’s ns perfect spot weil das dancing. They play nearly all tanzen music category (hip-hop, nu jazz, broken beats, deep house, electronic, techno..), escape on die day of the week und the selected playlist.

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3) Tito’s. Palma de Mallorca

One of the good benefits von this club bei Palma zu sein the wide range it has kommen sie offer: different vibes, music styles, plenty of rooms und the chance to see and enjoy some von the top current DJs and artists.

Also, it’s situated right on ns promenade an Palma, one des the areas with die best night vibes in Mallorca, right von the bars and restaurants that möchte make your night unforgettable.

It’s a great place to listen to techno und electronic music. Don’t miss out on die lift v views end Palma; it’s breath taking.

4)“El Bolero” en Cala Ratjada

This ist the erste club in the Spanish municipality von Capdepera, located an the North east of Mallorca. This legendary nightlife clues opened in 1963 und today, it’s ns longest-standing club in the Balearic Islands. Direkte music every day, unique events, guest DJs, two tanzen floors, 5 bars, outdoor terrace decorated v palm trees und a bar serving exclusive cocktails. Punkt night, you’ll discover three generations together: grandparents, parents und their children tanzen to die beat von the varied playlist.

5) Banana society en Alcudia.

It’s ns most on-trend nightlife spot in Alcudia. Ns club is made up of a number des different areas, including a huge sprung floor, VIP area, numerous bars, cocktail bar and a huge open-air terrace.

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An wonderful spot for sharing und meeting neu people! over there are always offers and the partys are really original.