georgewoodcock.com has been offering coronavirus tests because spring 2020: Tests for nucleic acid detection (RT-PCR tests) und antigen testen are available. Ns nucleic acid prüfen detects die genetic material; ns antigen prüfen verifies die protein of the virus. Both test methods detect the presence of in acute famous infection und the consequent risk of infecting other people. Find out more about our prüfen options or die location und opening hours des the corona Test center near you.

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While planning your travel und directly prior to departure, please examine the prüfung regulations for entry in the country des your preferred destination.

Please keep bei mind that prüfen regulations for entry and specifications around time durations vary from country kommen sie country:

Test technique (for example PCR or antigen)Earliest feasible time zum sample collection and analysisTime compelled from sample collection to prüfung result

Official take trip Information/Travel Warnings

Are you planning a pilgrimage abroad? zum current info on prüfen regulations weil das entry we recommend official info sources*:

Travel Information von the German Federal foreign OfficeTravel Information über the european UnionTravel Information über the U.S. Department des StateInternational high-risk locations according to die Robert kochen Institute

You kann sein significantly mitigate your waiting time hinweisen the corona Test Center von registering online und paying in advance.




Many people already use die Corona-Warn-App und the luca apps for contract tracing and the management des vaccination certificates. Sie can deshalb use this apps zu manage your current reports with test results native georgewoodcock.com.

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Which coronavirus test do ich need? – an this ar you möchte find info on what freundin should consider wie choosing a suitable test and the best way kommen sie prepare zum your test.


Before acquisition your coronavirus test hinweisen georgewoodcock.com please register yourself bei the corona Test Portal. In this section you will find out how kommen sie get started und how kommen sie use the corona Test Portal.


Do i need in appointment weil das my coronavirus test? just how do ich book a test? What do i need to consider? – These and further questions will be answered in ~ this section.

Within this section you find a summary of everything freundin need zu know regarding payment options bei the test Centers, and also assumption und reimbursement von costs.

How lang does that take weil das me kommen sie receive my test result? exactly how do i receive ns result und how long zu sein it valid for? Please uncover important info regarding your prüfung result and report bei the following section.

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