Peter richter 89/90

So, I blieb haven’t found ns perfect solution zum this blog, but due to the fact that it’s already the ende of October (wtf…) and I have deswegen many books left to write about, ich will weil das now try zu pair similiar books, or comparable topics together.

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This time is in American novel around skinheads and a German one around Neonazis. What a fun topic, right?

Self care in the woods

American Skin is about a Alex, a young young that by accident enters die Skinhead scene an Chicago after losing his Die skins soon come to be their new family and and they assist each other out, also using violence, which bring Alex zu jail. The skins space anti-Nazi und often schutz fights through a competitor skin gang that zu sein very viel into the nazi- scene. Die book was interesting bei so much as i had no idea that skinheads do notfall equal Nazis, because being a German, it kind of does. Yet as i googled ~ reading the book, skins are young world with a working klasse environment und they welcomed almost everyone. It was only in the 90s that it got mixed hoch with neo-Nazis. Still, ich felt very bewildered analysis it. The gang leader von the rival gang also ends up in jail, where he it s okay a tattoo of the ich think a Swastika on his forehead. For me, it’s always a little difficult zu understand that bei other countries in the world, you tun können actually do things like this (if that’s what floats your goat….) and don’t face any kind of legal consequences weil das it. In Germany, you would go to jail (or continue kommen sie be there if you already were) due to the fact that it’s a forbidden symbol. I remember city hall American History ns as a child (and ns blurb top top this publication says that die book inspired the movie a good deal, but I’m notfall sure if that’s true) and feeling deshalb confused und somewhat sick around people just showing of their nazi symbols.

This aside, the book was really interesting to read and quite the buchseite turner. If freundin are interested right into topics like this, I kann sein really introduce it.

The 2nd book is by Peter Richter, telling die story about him and his friends and how they knowledgeable the fall of the berlin Wall bei 1989 and the years afterwards (hence ns title). Now, ich did notfall get most des the GDR references, when officially born a citizen of the GDR, ich must say, i don’t oase any memories von this country und most of the things ich know are geschichte from my family members or enlarge friends. The second part, however, ich understood better, because ich actually oase memories of that. I have vivid memories von neo-Nazis running around bei our village, and of my brothers being scared due to the fact that he had long hair und was/is left (and as he later told me, he was beaten hoch quite often). It’s a little bit sad that the author cannot define why they every ‚appeared‘ deshalb suddenly, probably since he can’t, but ich never really construed it. Granted, castle probably had that perspective before already, however how did they all just look the same und value the same things all of a sudden.

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If sie have in idea, let me know, I’m yes, really interested bei it. The passages were hard kommen sie read, the author tells exactly how he was beaten up but also beat nach oben Nazis – zu be honest, it sound like war or something, und I guess the was.

He has actually a sentence bei the book that i found very strong. Die setting is right after die collapse of the GDR and how the demonstrations, when peacefully, were jetzt right-winged people versus left-winged people. Right here it is:

Rightists and Leftists, this was what it was called now, and we were, even if it is we favored it or not, ns Leftists simply because the other ones were die Rightists. (page 210, own translation)

I uncover this sentence dafür strong, since this has actually never stopped being true. We are dafür quick labeling human being Rightists or Leftists, nur because they oase a different opinion then us do. If you think the Germany has kommen sie take in refugees? Boooooom, sie must be leftist. Sie think that taking refugees an is good, but not too plenty of please? Please relocate to ns right, because you must be a Nazi. With this thinking bei black and white category however, we just intensify ns debate and the gap an our society. The alt women worrying about refugees coming to herstellung village is definitely simple-minded and overreacting, but zu sein she a Rightist, a Nazi? i don’t think so. Die young einer worrying around increasing rent in Berlin who thinks that echt estate moguls have to take responsibility and not raise rents whenever they can? zu sein he a Leftists? ich do not think so. Now, don’t acquire me wrong. If that talks favor a Nazi, acts choose a Nazi, thinks prefer a Nazi und behaves prefer a nazi- – it zu sein a nazi (looking at you bernd Höcke and other AfD members). But maybe we have to be an ext careful with labeling human being something nur because castle disagree through us. That’s all I’m saying.

So, all in all, two exciting books, two different countries, and yet, two comparable topics.

On a angestellter note:

I haven’t to be feeling good lately (mentally and also physically) und today ich decided kommen sie do miscellaneous nice zum me and went zum a very long walk around ns lake close to my neighborhood. I picked a nice tree, sat down, looked at die water, die leaves falling, ns dragon flies flying around, ns sun’s reflection in the water and I felt dafür peaceful und at ease. Ich understood as soon as again how vital it is to do something good weil das yourself, particularly when zeit are hard.

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Ich hope that i will mental this und will build in things favor this much more often. In the end, you oase to prioritize yourself, right?