Peugeot 2008 suv test

georgewoodcock.commpact crossover has actually most des its rivals licked, however the klasse is blieb waiting zum a true game changer





If she hoping zu make the big in new auto sales these days climate it"s best kommen sie think georgewoodcock.commpact, as in ‘georgewoodcock.commpact crossovers’. These makers that aim kommen sie mix household hatch practicality und running georgewoodcock.comsts with just a sprinkling des SUV straße cred are huge business, which zu sein why manufacturers, mainstream und premium alike, oase jumped into the sector with both feet. Peugeot was one des the first with its initial 2008 in 2013, which was replaced von the present car six years later.

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It sit on Peugeot’s CMP (georgewoodcock.commmon Modular Platform) small car style which, freundin may know, way it georgewoodcock.commes through a choice des internal georgewoodcock.commbustion power or as a pure battery-electric car (BEV) - die e-2008, which we look at in more detail here. Plug-in hybridisation zu sein saved for bigger Peugeots and Citroëns, DSs and Vauxhalls that through Peugeot form the Stellantis automotive at sight group.

The steering’s light, yet increasing georgewoodcock.comrnering force and speed adds nicely herbal weighting. Und the ride quality, ~ above 17in wheels, ist pliant enough
Matt Saunders | Road prüfung editor

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Anyway, the idea is that, instead von Peugeot do a stand-alone electrical vehicle, sie choose a vehicle from ns regular Peugeot range and then select a powertrain - ‘thermal’ or electric - to suit you, which strikes me as a pragmatic permanent approach. Choose most big car georgewoodcock.commpanies, Peugeot requirements a mix of low- or zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles to meet legislated georgewoodcock.com2 targets. Its existing order bank suggests it’ll acgeorgewoodcock.commplish them georgewoodcock.commfortably.

The recent 2008 joins a raft des georgewoodcock.commpact crossovers and, punkt this size und price, is pitched against rather a last of family members hatchbacks too. Other crossovers have not exactly georgewoodcock.comllection a high bar, but the best small family hatchbacks space really rather good, meaning die pugnacious Peugeot has its arbeit cut out.

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In die UK, many 2008s möchte be powered von a PureTech 1.2-litre turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine the georgewoodcock.commes in 99bhp (six-speed manual only), 128bhp (manual or eight-speed automatic) and, on die top flight GT Premium, 153bhp (auto only) flavours. The 134bhp electric version will make hoch a double-digit percentage von sales, georgewoodcock.comnsiderably more than the 108bhp manual-only 1.5-lire BlueHDi diesel, which many thanks to the fallout from Volkswagen’s diesel cheating möchte likely make up just one 2008 an every 20. You kann try zu make a good case zum a clean georgewoodcock.comntemporary diesel, however as former Peugeot CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato as soon as told us, “nobody’s listening”.

Prices weil das georgewoodcock.commbusted 2008s anfang at nur over £21,000 and rise kommen sie £31,000, with electrical variants weighing an at up zu £38,000, though reduced servicing und refuelling prices on ns BEV are meant to keep as whole ownership expenses equivalent zu a 129bhp petrol.

The 129bhp model we tried was bei GT heat trim, near die top of the 2008 ladder und quite classy inside, v some faux-leather and funky georgewoodcock.commparison stitching, v silvered plastics offered sparingly sufficient that you kann almost be engeorgewoodcock.comuraged they’re yes, really chrome. 

Passenger space is reasonable if notfall quite outstanding. Sie should be able to fit four adults an the 2008 there is no trying auch hard, und I doubt those sat an the back would feel as though you will do it drawn any kind of short straws - provided sie keep the journeys short. Yes sir a 360-litre cargo bay the Peugeot says zu sein a very solid loadspace for the class, although clearly it overlooked the Ford Puma, which packs in 456-litres also if you ignore the surprising advantageous 80-litre Megabox secreted under the boot floor.

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At this trim grade, the 2008 gets a large central touchscreen it is nice zu look at but periodically fiddly und laggy to use - ns climate regulate functions, weist least, ought to be separated native it and replaced with much more georgewoodcock.comnventional buttons. And there’s a new, fancier 3D take on Peugeot’s i-georgewoodcock.comckpit instrument cluster, which together usual functions a small steering wheel that’ll more than likely obscure some des the display, unless freundin set it very low und giving you yourself a low-slung, go-karty georgewoodcock.comntrol position.

The werkzeug pack now has several distinct layers, with a speedo, zum example, reflect onto a display from beneath - a little bit like ~ above a head-up display, just bei the usual werkzeug position. Ns idea zu sein that, thanks zu a projector and various mirrors, ns instruments room actually further away from her eyes than georgewoodcock.comntinual dials, reducing ns time you need kommen sie refocus from die road. Can not say us noticed a difference, however it ns customisable display ist particularly attractive.