Peugeot has actually re-invented that people-carrying 3008 model, turning it from MPV kommen sie SUV. An ext stylish than before und with more upmarket aspirations, exactly how does it challenge up zu its new competition?

What zu sein it?

Arriving on die UK market in January this year, die Peugeot 3008 ist one of the newest SUVs to be launched. Transporting the nennen of that predecessor, that’s about die only 2 things die cars have an common. Die first-generation Peugeot 3008 was more of bei MPV fairly than in SUV, so the French agency has radically re-invented that mid-size people‑carrying offering and taken advantage des the growing SUV sector v the neu car.

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Gone are die ungainly looks of ns original 3008, replaced with a viel more amazing shape, with more than a handful of daring design details. While ns shape zu sein familiar to SUV drivers, the new 3008 zu sein one of the most radical Peugeots des recent times, and deshalb puts bei a bid zu be one von the many prestigious, too, thanks zu its more premium pricing structure.

The automobile has so won an essential praise, gift crowned the European Car von the Year 2017, an award decided von the 58 members von the europe motoring drücken sie from 22 countries.

How does it drive?

The Peugeot 3008 ist powered von a range von PSA group latest-generation PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines. While ns turbocharged 1.2-litre three-cylinder PureTech unit has actually won the international Engine des the Year Awards 1.0‑litre zu 1.4-litre category for the 2nd year running, it’s the BlueHDi EU6‑compatible diesel engine on prüfung here.

In die 3008 range, ns BlueHDi 120 is the mid-range engine which features ns fuel‑efficient diesel technology, smaller 100bhp and larger 150bhp variants below and above it an the 3008 line-up.

With 221lb ft/300Nm of torque developed from 1,750rpm, the 3008 GT-Line BlueHDi 120 gets to 62mph indigenous rest an 11.2 seconds, and goes on zu a maximum speed of 117mph. That feels spritely, too, und its 1,300kg weight belies its chunky appearance.

It pulls well though that is six-speed hand-operated gearbox which is precise and easy to use, despite when at slow speeds you schutz to drop down to zuerst gear kommen sie get a clean getaway, otherwise ns car stalls. That’s a common issue ~ above many neu diesel cars, though, und isn’t secluded to die 3008.

As befits its premium aspirations, ns mid‑size Peugeot SUV ist a comfortable cruiser on die motorway. The company’s much-vaunted ‘i-Cockpit’ layout through a smaller sized steering wheel and instruments presented higher works well, und you soon acquire used to the slightly weird wheel‑instrument relationship. It soon becomes 2nd nature und doesn’t feeling uncomfortable.

The klein steering wheel makes the car feel much more agile und nimble than perhaps bei SUV has a right to, und the steering itself has actually some weight zu it and isn’t auch light, which method you tun können place ns car accurately. For bei SUV, the 3008 handle well, out of town and an it, too, with only more severe undulations and road imperfections cram it off course.

Going rückseitig to the looks, die 3008 aussehen undoubtedly smart and modern and many world who were presented to ns car no think it looked obviously choose a Peugeot. Share many design cues through its smaller 2008 sibling – die 3008 is based on ns Volkswagen Golf-sized 308, die 2008 is based on die 208 supermini – die 3008 GT‑Line features silver-finished roof rails, 18-inch ‘Detroit’ two-tone diamond-cut alloy wheels, and satin copper ‘GT-Line’ emblem.

Nice design touches include where the roof rails fulfill rear pillar und the tenderness sculpting of the doors und bonnet.

The interior of the 3008 zu sein where die car theatre its quality card. Sumptuous, v a pretty mix von ‘Brumeo’ cloth on die door panels and dashboard, blue atmosphere lighting in the roof and doors adds even more von a premium feel. Ns sports seats room comfortable, and there zu sein plenty des room in the back, too, while ns 591-litre boot is colossal weil das the 3008’s size.

The ‘i-Cockpit’ also extends to die centre console i beg your pardon sweeps around die driver und houses alloy-effect toggle switches zum the features on die 8.0-inch colour touchscreen infotainment system. Similar kommen sie those on die DS 5, ns piano key-like knoten really look und feel die part und are a surprising feature.

The yes, really touchscreen system is the very same as an other contemporary PSA gruppe cars und works in the very same way. It doesn’t have the many logical menu, but the display is better 보다 some of its rivals und doesn’t look date either. We do issue about die heater controls being all on-board the touchscreen system though, und would prefer them to be much more readily accessible zum ease von use.

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The 12.3-inch head-up 100 von cent digital instrument display is impressively easy to use. Very crisp and clear, that wows through its changeable and configurable displays. ‘Dials’, ‘Navigation’, ‘Driving’ or ‘Personal’ modes kann be chosen, und relay suitable information zurück depending on i beg your pardon mode is selected.

How economical ist it?

Peugeot insurance claims that die latest generation BlueHDi engines ‘deliver a driving suffer rich in power und performance yet with superior fuel economy und CO2 emissions’. Ns official claimed merged cycle fuel economic climate figure of 70.6mpg. Over our much longer than usual 492-mile test, we achieved an average of 51.9mpg.

All BlueHDi engines attribute Selective Catalytic palliation (SCR) and Particle Filtration processes, und Peugeot states that a three-stage cleansing process targets pollutants, removed hydrocarbons und carbon monoxide, to reduce nitrogen oxides by up to 90 von cent and eliminating 99.9 per cent of particulates. All Peugeot 3008s have stop & anfang technology which cut the engine when ns car zu sein at a standstill.

What does that cost?

The Peugeot 3008 selection starts with die Active 1.2-litre PureTech 130 S&S 6-speed manual hinweisen £22,495. Die cheapest diesel ist the £23,525 active BlueHDi 100 S&S 6-speed manual. Die Allure trim starts hinweisen £24,295, while die higher-specification GT-Line such together our test car costs from £26,195.

Our mid‑trim BlueHDi 120 car ist priced hinweisen £28,025, while the options of ‘Nero Black’ metallic paint (£525) and in electric panoramic glass sunroof (£990) nudged the preis up to £29,720. The range-topping GT trim zu sein only available with the highest output 180bhp BlueHDi diesel engine, und costs £33,695.

GT-Line specification is well-equipped, though. Mistral ‘Imila’ leather result seat trim, a wireless smartphone charging plate, full led headlamps and fog lights, führen zu sequential scrolling prior indicators und door mirror-mounted führen zu ‘Peugeot’ approach lights all function as standard. There’s also the ‘i-Cockpit Amplify’ system which allows ns choice von two configurable inner ambiences: ‘Boost’ und ‘Relax’.

Safety systems are high on ns 3008 GT-Line’s agenda, too, with automatic emergency braking, blinda spot detection, street alert, fahrbahn departure, and self‑levelling headlamps all fitted.

For comparison, a similar-size and output chair Ateca (see pages 52-53 zum our road test of the 1.0-litre TSI petrol model) SE technology costs £24,330 yet has slightly much less kit (move nach oben to ns £28,410 FR zum a comparable level von equipment und more power), if a Volkswagen Tiguan SE hyperplasia is listed at £28,865, yet again has actually more energie from die same 2.0-litre TDI engine as the SEAT.

A Ford Kuga Titanium x TDCi 120 meanwhile is £29,045 but isn’t together sumptuous as ns 3008, while the recently-updated Nissan Qashqai is priced indigenous £27,780 bei Tekna 1.5 dCi 110 guise, rising kommen sie £29,030 for the 1.6 dCi 130-engined version.

How much does it cost to tax?

With impressively-low CO2 emissions of nur 104g/km, ns Peugeot 3008 GT-Line BlueHDi 120 prices £140 in Vehicle Excise Duty zum the zuerst year in accordance with die revised rates which came right into force in April 2017. Weil das subsequent years, die rate is the same.

The cleanest 3008 zu sein the active BlueHDi 100 S&S at 103g/km, however this slot into the same £140 first und subsequent-year rate bracket. Ns most high-quality 129g/km 1.6-litre THP 165 petrol-engined 3008 costs £160 bei the erste year, slipping kommen sie £140 thereafter.

When it comes zu BIK rates, die GT-Line BlueHDi 120 sits in the 22 über cent band.

Why does my fleet need one?

Handsomely stylish, well-built and moderately economical, there are many things to choose about ns Peugeot 3008 GT-Line BlueHDi 120. Die French SUV impresses through its fit, finish, und tech count, when its on-road courtesy lend more of a feeling akin zu its mid‑sized hatchback relative. It’s notfall as enjoyable kommen sie drive as its chair Ateca rival, but its tidy taking care of does bring some enjoyment.

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Despite that pumped-up looks, there zu sein no four-wheel journey version zum now, and Peugeot has actually deigned notfall to replace ns previous 3008’s diesel-electric Hybrid4 powertrain, but a petrol‑electric plug-in hybrid may arrive bei 2019.

To sum up then, die 3008 GT-Line fufills that is premium aspirations well, have to please with its high level von standard equipment, and is a kind drive, every with in added dose von stylish economy und practicality.