Peugeot 508 hybrid4 test

The theory ist well known: in electric motiv that establishes torque indigenous scratch zu sein a perfect complement zu a petrol engine that just delivers great torque indigenous 2.500 rpm or later. Okay, it"s true that ns rpm von these two engines cannot be compared directly because they do not rotate at ns same time at die same time, however that zu sein another story.

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It is important to klasse that die aforementioned concept keeps most motorists from occurring diesel-powered hybrids, and PSA insists on it, und this is one des their usual representatives: die largest Peugeot an the form of a van und diesel mischung technology. Ns exterior und interior are elegant (but beautiful, specifically from die outside, much more a matt of taste), richly equipped, and also technically advanced.

Now practice. The hybrid drive is also largely designed to save fuel, which is of course only possible weist variable rate (due zu battery charging), which an practice means in the city. On ns highway, the hybrid also powers the internal combustion engine wie it runs out of battery (i.e. Around a minute top top average at 130 mph).

It"s clear here: diesel is blieb more economical 보다 gasoline. Hence die meaning des such hybridization. Together a Peugeot ist powered von the popular turbodiesel, i m sorry (especially on ns "open" road) ist good, economical, responsive und powerful. Anyone who is out des town frequently may be more satisfied v this (this) choice bei terms von economy.

Plus, ns 508 RXH is a hybride you don"t need kommen sie know about bei order zu drive. Ns only thing that have to happen zu sein that wie man you niederdrücken the anfang button, naught happens; it is (almost) constantly powered über electricity. Perhaps many unusual is the equipment lever, which has nothing to do v hybridization, it just takes getting used to, but that"s not a problem. Even more inconvenient, ns powerplant doesn"t respond favor a classic combustion engine; sometimes the full 147 kilowatts space felt at the accelerator pedal, und sometimes die torque zu sein less than sie would expect.

The an excellent side ist that this RXH can deshalb be hybridized all-wheel drive und the body ist fully automatically or you can manually hook the up.

The button offers settings zum Auto, Sport, 4WD and ZEV, where ns latter means die drive stays bei electricity for a much longer time. All-wheel drive zu sein a an excellent choice zum safer and more effective driving in deteriorating conditions, yet it can not provide the classic sporty pleasures des all-wheel drive. The Sport position does notfall allow this either, but in this setting, die automatic transmission response is much friendlier - faster und more predictable. Die gearbox shifts somewhat awkwardly weist wide open throttle: in der nähe des throttle selection and short break again schon fast full throttle. It drains really well (especially von hand) und with intermediary gas.

Another thing: there zu sein no tachometer, in its place ist a relative energie meter, i.e. As a percentage, which deshalb has a negative range over ns time die battery is charging while decelerating. With its help, us read die following usage values: at 100 km per hour, it spend 10 percent des the power and drinks 4,6 liters über 100 kilometers, punkt 130 - 20 percent und six liters, punkt 160 - already 45 und eight, and an the stadt of 60 - four. Percent und five liters über 100 km.

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At 50, two options are common: either it runs weist three percent and consumes four liters per 100 kilometers, or it runs just on electricity and consumes nothing. The figures offered here are a very great side des this car, and in practice we measured a pistole consumption des only 6,9 liters von 100 kilometers, which is also an excellent result.

At die same time, this RXH is economical not only an the city, which zu sein the aufgabe of hybrids, but deshalb on lang trips, where a great turbodiesel reflects its strengths. If sie add to it die size of the body and the affluent equipment, it i do not care clear: the aufgabe of a long-distance vehicle ist entrusted to die Peugeot 508 RXH. Und he wants kommen sie be a wenig more - 4 centimeters farther from die ground - more ready zu go. Von course, through some tolerance.

Text: Vinko Kernc

Basic dataTechnical informationengine:Energy transfer:Capacity:Mase:External dimensions:
4-cylinder - 4-stroke - in-line - turbo diesel - displacement 1.997 cm3 - maximum energie 120 kW (163 hp) hinweisen 3.850 rpm - maximum torque 300 Nm hinweisen 1.750 rpm. electrical motor: irreversible magnet synchronous motiv - best voltage 269 V - maximum power 27 kW - maximum talk 200 Nm. Battery: Nickel-metal hydride - rated voltage 200 V. Preferably total system power: 147 kW (200 HP).
the engine ist driven von all 4 wheels - 6-speed robotic infection - 225/45 r 18 V tires (Michelin primacy HP).
oberteil speed 213 kilometer / h - Acceleration 0-100 km / h 8,8 s - Fuel intake (ECE) 4,2 / 4,0 / 4,1 l / 100 km, CO2 emissions 107 g / km.
empty auto 1.910 kg - allow gross weight 2.325 kg.

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size 4.823 mm - broad 1.864 mm - elevation 1.525 mm - wheelbase 2.817 mm - tribe 400-1.360 70 l - fuel tank XNUMX l.
Our measurementsAcceleration 0-100km:402m from die city:Maximum speed: prüfen consumption:Braking distance punkt 100 kilometer / h:AM table:
t = 18 ° c / ns = 1.080 mbar / rel. Vl. = 35% / Odometer Condition: 6.122 km
16,5 years ( 136 km / h)
213km / h (WE.)
6,9 wie / 100km