Decent price and plenty von features, yet unchecked base drags the sound downTested punkt £200

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The pro 2s space full-size headphones, similar in stature kommen sie Sony"s MDR-100AAP. From a couple of feet far they look die part, an especially thanks zu their big protein leather pads and similarly artificial leather-topped headband.

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Up close, ns cups watch a wenig crowded. There’s a disc of fake timber surrounded by a ring von dotted plastic, bordered von a ring that aussehen like it’s been inlaid through tiny crystals (but zu sein actually a steel grille).

There’s a sea des plastic about this, embossed through contours that look like they could schutz been made with a woodblock artist’s chisel.

This may make the Backbeat pro 2s sound a visual mess, which would be a wenig unfair. However, castle don’t look together simple und attractive as ns Bose Quietcomfort 35s.

They space comfortable though, owing zu large over-ear pads und generous foam on die band.

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Less isn’t more in Plantronics’ world. This philosophy continues bei its wealth of features. These space wireless Bluetooth headphones with aptX, energetic noise cancellation and a couple of extras most rival designs leaving out.

Sensors bei the pads allow die Backbeat jeden 2s zu automatically pause your music when you take it them off. There is so a mode that uses die microphone to let sie hear your surroundings without acquisition them off.

Battery life is also very good at 24 hours, and there are substantial controls on die cups. There are tasten for playback control, und one of the ring on the left cup tun können be rotated to alter volume.

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The one missing item zu sein NFC, yet Plantronics also makes a much more expensive Special auflage version von the Backbeat pro 2s that adds ns feature.

Bluetooth signal quality is good, v no far-ranging interference or drop-outs. Active noise cancellation is reasonable, however those expecting the efficacy des Bose’s ideal ANC pairs will be disappointed. This Plantronics cut down ns low-end din von the city, aircon units and other humming appliances, but they don’t eradicate them.

Alternatives indigenous AKG und Sony, as well as Bose, are much more effective. Die Plantronics" hauptsächlich benefit zu sein less of a sense of air pressure bei your ears 보다 some other pairs, consisting of Bose’s.

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The Backbeat pro 2s oase 40mm dynamic drivers. Your sound has actually a number von admirable elements, but zu sein let down über bass the drags audio high quality down a league below their peers.

Let"s anfang with the good points. The Backbeat jeden 2s room smooth und have an enjoyable soundfield. Like die best full-size headphones ns sound ist wide, seeming to kommen sie from approximately your ears fairly than between them. It’s bei immersive soundscape.

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Detail zu sein fairly good, through a decent amount des musical die info delivered von the mids und treble without any harshness or abrasiveness making the Backbeat pro 2s it seems ~ they’re trying too hard. Ns aim seems to be a smooth und easygoing sound, und it"s best on target.

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This ist a perfectly fine goal, yet the pro 2s pilgrimage over their very own bass. Die low ende panders to die long-standing populist obsession with die stuff, yet it walk a little too far.

Bass is soft und slow. There’s plenty of weight, but it’s leaden und manifests as a wolke of mid-bass that hangs over ns fairly an excellent detail an the higher registers choose a smog haze end a city.

It to reduce separation und transparency, eventually weighing down the Plantronics und sapping your energy und dynamics. These might be an extremely good-sounding headphones, but a couple von tuning options mean lock are only fair.

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The Plantronics Backbeat jeden 2s room cheaper 보다 their regarded rivals, and have ns benefit von extra functions that many wollen appreciate.

However, die Backbeats’ confident sound qualities are dragged down by unchecked bass and, ultimately, that spoils the sound.

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