Pokemon go auf pc 2017

Smartphones are great. However other human being like to play games on their desktop computers.

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How tun können you record fix crashes wie catching Pokemon Go?

In case you encounter any kind of problems, follow die instructions below:

Establish the Pokemon Go pc 2017 on BlueStacks Pokemon walk on PC/desktop.

Then, go to die Settings > Account and remove google account. In my opinion, this ist the tedious process.

You’ll need zu enter her account credentials every time you quit die game. Even for a brief period.

Still, every time you meet a crash, you oase to repeat this process.

In situation you come across a “Failed zu detect location” error, follow die steps below kommen sie fix it:

Change your GPS kommen sie High Accuracy then, move your area on Fake GPS.

Now, restart Pokemon Go. If this overview doesn’t work, try die following one.

Disable ns AR.

If whatever crashes or freeze,

Disable the camera.

Go to ns Run> then, key in REGEDIT. Go zu HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE SOFTWARE > BlueStacks > Guest > Android > Config.

Now, click camera. Climate modify kommen sie decimal. Now, adjust from one (1) to 0 (zero) and save.

What if Poker stop are notfall working? Or Pokemon fleeing after 1 Pokeball?

The reason zu this possibly would be that sie went too in der nähe des (travelled fast). As a result, you gott a soft-ban. Don’t panic; it will belastung for in hour.

What if your player continues teleporting betwee positions?

You need zu download in app dubbed Disable Service.

It is on google Play, und you can download that here.

Root it then, search zum Service then drücken sie Fused Location und deactivate it.

Now, click setups at die top best bar. Then, restart the android plugin.

When sie get a grey display screen while starting Pokemon Go computer 2017 either,

Shut ns BlueStacks only und restart.

If not, delete BlueStacks und repeat ns above instructions to install that again.

An Alternative: play Pokemon Go pc 2017 on desktop computer using Nox app Player

If you don’t have the time or room unable kommen sie get external via die BlueStacks method, you can ausblüten catch Pokemon using Pokemon Go pc 2017 Nox.

Follow die laid downs measures on how zu play Pokemon go on Mac and Pokemon Go pc 2017 for Windows:

First, download Nox application zum your computer. If her tool ist a Mac, download Nox application weil das your Mac.

Follow the verknüpfung below to get these apps for your corresponding device.


Second, launch ns Nox app Player weil das Pokemon Go computer 2017 for desktop/computer version.

Pokemon Go computer 2017 symbol will get displayed on the erste Window – wait zum a couple of seconds.

Third, click ns Pokemon Go pc 2017 symbol.

Finally, log an using your google account und start kommen sie play.

Admittedly, this Pokemon Go pc 2017 emulator zu sein slow compared to BlueStacks.

When starting the app und while inside die game, that a little bit hard kommen sie capture die Pokemon.

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Still, die location switching attribute seems notfall to arbeit well.

Even so, ns experience ist thrilling if successful.

Moreover, in any case, if a white map gets displayed and you can not leave die default location, nah dran the Nox anwendung Player.

Add her preferred collaborates manually.

To accomplish this, best click on the spot on ns Google Maps > what’s here? Under c://Users //AppData/Local/Nox/conf.ini. Afterwards, you kann sein stroll roughly using your key-board navigation. So, you don’t have to switch place that much.

So, sie don’t oase to switch place that much.

Using ns keyboard, you are the player an the game zu move around using die WASD (the actual key-board keys, just zum clarity’s sake).

You are the one to control ns character. And, if freundin want to have a clear picture, change the blur.

And, if freundin want to oase a clean picture, change the blur.

To Select global Location

On ns sidebar, pick places. Pull und pin yourself anywhere on die chat. Then, click OK bei the bottom bar.

Now, freundin play Pokemon Go computer 2017 ~ above your computer and catch as many Pokemon as sie can!

How to nur off your Collection

Of course, you möchte want zu display how countless Pokemon’s you have captured right?

Even me, I’ll want to nur my expertise an this game – the feels good, do notfall know why.

For this reason, reach out to Twitch.tv network which ist a society gaming website.

Here, you will find millions of direkte streams each day.

So, sie can also showcase your recent catch kommen sie millions of Pokemon lovers.

Use die BlueStacks 2, press the button and share all ns Pokemon you oase captured

Enjoy ns Beauty of this Game

No doubt, this game zu sein addictive. Keep an mind; ns game zu sein about exploring die world.

So, as freundin enjoy Pokemon Go pc 2017 live map on your computer, don’t get dafür mad when you engage an complex battle. Still, you oase to;

1) watch a far and full to get Pokemon and Items – explore side lakes for Water-type Pokemon.Make trips kommen sie PokeStops or get zu Museums, historic markers, and art installations.Moreover, visit monuments kommen sie store an ext PokeBalls and other crucial items.

2) Intercept, hatch, expand und more – zu level up, record more und powerful Pokemon to complete ns Pokedex.Add more collection to your stock von catching much more Pokemon eggs basing on ns distance sie walk. Catch more von the kind und help her Pokemon evolve.

3) take it on Gym Battles and protect your gym – her Hitokage möchte develop kommen sie Chameleon. And then, Charizard, skirmish and defeat your gym. So, find versus all newcomers.

Points kommen sie Note

Pokemon Go pc 2017 is bei app that is free-to-play.Besides, it supplies in-game purchases. Still, it is most effectual ~ above smartphones. Not tabletsCompatibility with tablet computer devices is not guaranteedFor tools without general practitioners power, compatibility is not guaranteed.Also, concerning devices connected zu Wi-Fi only, that may not run top top themTo obtain accurate ar information, pat while you are attached kommen sie a networkThis app may not run top top some tools even if they execute not schutz compatible OS ausführung installed

Pros von Pokemon Go

The game wollen make sie physically active. Together a result, your health will improve.You’ll socialize more.The game zu sein about creativity und innovation. As a result, freundin enjoy the game with a whole new experience.You play the game as if sie are in the ja wirklich world.As you play die game, freundin move indigenous one place zu another. Consequently, you ende up visiting areas you have never to be before.


No doubt, this game zu sein addictive. Together a result, you wollen waste most of your an useful time play it.A wahrscheinlichkeit of gaining injured ist high.You’re likely to play this video game while walking.That’s if you oase it on her smartphone.Pokemon Go computer 2017 knows how to drain die battery.It uses a lot of resources und sensors at once. Have a stärke backup.You might want zu know about sachen that drain your battery.

Above all, every game (I’d fairly say everything) has its positives and negatives.So take the positives and remove ns negatives.

Final Thoughts

In this at sight Pokemon Go pc 2017 guide we schutz shown you how kommen sie play Pokemon Go computer 2017 on BlueStacks and also on your desktop.

Before we go away, us want kommen sie leave freundin with a reminder:Avoid large jumps on Pokemon Go computer 2017 maps.If us told sie that if you make big jumps, Niantic Labs möchte ban you und your game- would you still go with large jumps? freundin better, not!

Besides, if freundin get location errors, move off the location of fenster PC. And, why notfall try this game in your neighboring if you schutz a large park und is safe? It’s much fun out there, trust me!

And, why not try this game in your bordering if you have a huge park und is safe? It’s viel fun the end there, trust me!

It’s viel fun the end there, to trust me!

Granted, ns developer of this video game has not designed the fenstern 10 Pokemon Go pc 2017 download.

For this reason, there has actually been a petition which has gathered close zu 25k votes. Meanwhile, prior to this app is obtainable for fenstern PCs, die options displayed above are the best.

Enjoy the fun like the rest. The time you anfang to acquire moving! ja wirklich life suffer awaits you.

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Did you find the safer to play Pokemon GO computer 2017 on pc compared kommen sie mobile? ist there a fence according to you when playing Pokemon go pc 2017 on windows rather than die smartphones? Share with us her views in the comments section below.