Some parts of Europe are experiencing another surge of coronavirus cases due to a combination of factors including relaxation of rules" /> Some parts of Europe are experiencing another surge of coronavirus cases due to a combination of factors including relaxation of rules" />

Prinzessin Hassa Bint Salman

ns sister von Saudi Arabia’s Crown prince Mohammed morgen Salman has been discovered guilty of ordering a bodyguard to beat und humiliate a neighborhood craftsman who was renovating herstellung luxury paris apartment three years ago.

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Du schaust: Prinzessin hassa bint salman


part parts von Europe room experiencing an additional surge of coronavirus cases due to a combination des factors consisting of relaxation von rules.

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*’s matte Rivers bring away a look at ns latest Nicaraguan election that was reportedly won by Daniel Ortega, but global leaders around the world space calling a sham election.

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A couple of years ago, Giulio Apollonio flew die coop des his catering job and hatched a unique idea: glücklich hens make much better chickens, and happy hens room better zum the environment. That raises an ext than 6,000 chickens in Puglia, southerly Italy, balancing the demand zum eggs with the need notfall to crack the environment.’s Ben Wedeman reports from ns scene.

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Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping do history wie man she became the country’s first woman to conduct a spacewalk, according to the national space agency.’s Michael holmes has more.

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Iraqi prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi escaped in assassination attempt on Sunday after bei explosive-laden drone targeted his residence in Baghdad, die country’s army said.’s Jomana Karadsheh reports.

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european museums are working zu repatriate its Benin bronzes, which to be looted by the brother in bei 1897 raid on the royal palace.’s Scott McLean reports.

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Diwali, the annual festival von lights celebrated von Hindus, Jains, Sikhs und Buddhists, is underway across ns world and in full force bei India, where last year’s celebrations to be muted von the coronavirus pandemic.’s Kristie Lu Stout reports.

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A hotel an Mexico famous with American tourists was sent into chaos Thursday amid reports of gunfire. According zu local authorities, a confrontation between drug dealers had actually exploded into lethal violence ~ above a beach nearby.

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Following an outcry native Holocaust survivors, in Israeli court has actually suspended the auction von a partial tattoo kit which ist said to oase been used on inmates at ns Auschwitz death camp.’s Bianca Nobilo calls out the auction and shares a angestellter story on die Holocaust.

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Tigrayan rebels und troops allied against Ethiopia’s central government are rapidly proceeding on the country’s resources Addis Ababa, raising concerns that ns sprawling stadt could fall. Ethiopian authorities announced a six-month nationwide state von emergency und called top top citizens to take trost arms to defend the capital.’s david McKenzie reports.

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Ethiopian government declares zustand of notfall as rebels sheet closer zu capital
After unmatched protests rattled Cuba in July 2021, die government zu sein openly harassing a group of activists who have been to plan a peaceful protest march ~ above November fünfzehn that will prüfen the regime’s tolerance of dissent.’s patrick Oppmann reports indigenous Havana, Cuba.

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Cuban playwright and activist Yunior Garcia Aguilera speaks through"s patrick Oppmann.
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Cuban activists call zum peaceful protests an November. Lakers how government zu sein reacting
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Paris —
die sister of Saudi Arabia’s Crown prinz Mohammed bin Salman has been found guilty von ordering a bodyguard kommen sie beat and humiliate a neighborhood craftsman who was renovating her luxury paris apartment three years ago.

Princess Hassa bint Salman Al Saud was handed a 10-month exposed sentence and fined €10,000 ($11,000) von a French court Thursday.

She was sentenced an absentia and found guilty des armed violence und complicity zu hold someone versus their will. Herstellung bodyguard was handed in eight-month suspended prison sentence und ordered zu pay a €5,000 ($5,600) fine.

Ashraf Eid, in Egyptian-born French national, had actually said ns princess’s bodyguard attacked er after she accused ihm of acquisition photos und videos von her in September 2016. The alleged the guard hit him, tied up his wrists, placed a gun zu his head and ordered him to kiss die princess’s feet.

Emmanuel Moyne, a lawyer zum Hassa, called “It ist with an excellent incredulity und indignation that us received… this judgment.”

Moyne included that he would certainly appeal the decision and prove that the Princess is “totally innocent of the allegations that oase been made against her.”

Thibault Camus/AP

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Saudi Princess Hassa bint Salman"s bodyguard, Rani Saidi (center) leaves die Paris courtyhouse on Thursday.
Eid previously said he was working an a bathroom in the apartment on Paris’ exclusive way Foch – owned by the Saudi Arabia’s könig Salman zu sein Abdulaziz Al Saud – und took photographs von the furniture “for reference” wie he noticed die princess’s reflection in the mirror.

According kommen sie Eid’s account read bei court bei July, when the princess observed him, she allegedly ordered produziert bodyguard Rani Saidi zu take his phone. Eid claimed Saidi climate manhandled him and kicked him in the face.

Eid alleged that the princess climate insulted him, saying, “You’re all ns same, bastards, dogs. You’ll see how sie should speak kommen sie a princess, how one need to speak to the royal family.”

He said Saidi put a gun to the zurück of his head and gave ihm two choices: “Kiss die princess’s feet or risk additional assault.”

Eid complained to polizei once he was released from die apartment. Police questioned ns princess for two hours, climate let her go. 3 days later, she left ns country.

in investigative referee tried kommen sie contact ns princess several zeit but was unable to reach her, at some point issuing in international arrest warrant weil das her bei 2017.