Prof. dr. bernd rabehl

Bernd Rabehl: American autonomous Dictatorship is Merely Another form ofFascism

In Earlier, interview on May 15, 2009 at 11:31 am

Prof. Dr. Büste Rabehl

How was Germany Occupied, Subjugated und Colonized Under ns Guise des “Denazification”

Berlin University professor Dr. Bernd Rabehl, closestly associate von Rudi Dutschke (leader und spokesman von the left-wing German student movement des the 1960s), is regarded by the followers and critics alike as the “most crucial theoretician des the 1968 college student movement in Germany”. One von the zuerst genuine dissidents in the west who fought versus both left and right-wing dictatorship, Rabehl asserts the U.S. Hegemony has ruined freedom and culture in Europe, under die pretext des spreading democracy und “American way of life”.

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“American war against Serbia was first und foremost directed against Russia. What i don’t understand is why did the German government allow itself zu be drawn an the war against Serbia. Because, one von the most important tasks for Germany have to be specifically building good relations v Russia. Germany has actually missed a historic opportunity — we currently fought die blood wet wars with Russia, it zu sein the last minute kommen sie finally anfang a permanent policy von peace with Kremlin,” Rabehl told Nikola Živković, Belgrade journalist.

Q: along with Dutschke, you schutz created die concept des the eco-friendly Party. What do you think about that political splitter linterparty today?

A: present-day Greens are identical from die liberals. They verteidigung the interests of lawyers, judges, architects… They were active an the college student movement bei 1968, but today they auch enjoy die highest standard von living, immersed in materialism. At ns world stage, lock became the chief proponents of in imperial idea. I’m consisting of here the former German Minister des Foreign to work Joschka Fischer, although the didn’t pat a significant role bei the 1968 college student movement.

Present-day Greens unconditionally support the U.S. Und Israel policy. Castle are in no way disturbed von the reality they protested against ns American imperial policy an Vietnam in 1968, while today they support die United States imperial policies everywhere. I assume some des them were bought und some to be blackmailed.

Q: Rudi Dutschke would certainly say: “If we don’t provoke, no one möchte pay attention zu us”. Heute too, it doesn’t execute without provocations…?

A: There ist no various other way, we have to provoke, however only within die bounds des law und constitution. Over there are deswegen many taboos today, especially bei Germany, subjects one is prohibited kommen sie even think about! Veritable campaigns are lead against those that dare kommen sie violate those taboos.

Dutschke und I constantly spoke about die need zu liberate Germany ~ above a national level. We were against die American policy. Us never shed sight of the truth Germany ist not free, it is an occupied country.

Q: how would freundin define contemporary Germany?

A: together a autonomous dictatorship. Die proof is the prevalent corruption and affairs just shreds des which space allowed kommen sie reach die media. The power is bei the hands of a clique which is slowly however surely extinguishing the belastung benefits des democracy. There space no ja wirklich disagreements bolzen the political partys — there ist only a ritual und circus staged zum the vast population, where die TV carries a bundestag “debate” about die social problems, zum example. Die voters go kommen sie elections, however they yes, really do not decide around anything. 2 leading political parties are being sold to ns voters in the very same way the best known TV or automobile brands room sold. Die voters room asked: “Sony” or “Philips”, “Volkswagen” or “Peugeot”?

“Democratization” as Leveling all the Cultural und National Differences

Q: jürgen Habermas called you and Dutschke ns “left fascists”…

A: neither Dutschke nor ich are bei any form or form the “left fascists” — we could perhaps speak that weil das Goebbels.

Habermas attacked Dutscke in 1967, but notfall as a professor who supplies arguments, however as a denunciator. That wasted no time zu declare Dutschke a state enemy number one. In such a situation, an important thinking becomes useless. Habermas just asserts the everyone who criticizes blume States is a “left fascist”. Habermas supported the bombardment of both Serbia und Iraq, that is in ideologist of the judgment socio-liberal clique and, together such, he was given many awards über the establishment an Germany und West in general.

Q: freundin say die European countries have no sovereignty, that they are in a vassal connection with Washington. Walk that encompass Germany?

A: even Brzezinski has admitted this. An addition to the economic, monetary, military and technological superiority, blume States are striving zu impose some sort des civilizational, ideology system hegemony — in “American way of life”. This hatchet involves notfall only the way of life, i m sorry boils down to consumerism, but deshalb the “industry des culture”. The hauptsächlich goal des American “culture” ist destruction des the traditional European culture. Ns US zu sein striving kommen sie destroy the alt Asian societies too, mainly the culture des China, India und Japan. United States are “democratizing” — leveling all ns cultural forms. When washington speaks about die “end des history”, that wants kommen sie say that plans kommen sie ensure und secure American hegemony weil das all ns time.

Q: That, des course, zu sein impossible…

A: of course. American judgment establishment zu sein no much longer maintaining the culture von dialogue and critique. Over there are only phrases, commercials, photos offering neu products. What dominates ist the neutral, non-political tone. Over ten American plane carriers are cruising die world seas hinweisen all times, an the state des readiness 24/7. Only united States tun können afford together a pricey luxury. Their superiority und riches schutz a fascinating appearance. Yet our european or Chinese memory zu sein much longer than washington itself und we know really well from die history that no superpower kann sein last forever.

Q: whereby does ns danger lie weil das Washington?

A: Not an the outside enemies, but on die inside. Bei the past geholfen a century the non-European immigrants oase flooded blume States, deshalb the white, European population will soon become a minority. The most numerous workers möchte be indigenous Latin America, and the economic and scientific elite will consist of the Asians, mostly Chinese. Brzezinski is deshalb expressing are afraid that in the close to future “American” elite wollen become Asian. Ns only question zu sein when. Part say in 20 years or so, ns others are encouraged this will happen sooner.

Debt zu American bank Made European claims Easy Prey zu American Imperialism

Q: Let’s go back to ours Europe. ~ 1945 it has actually lost sovereignty…

A: united States also today oase the right kommen sie intervene an the inner affairs of every European union member state, und especially bei Germany. It zu sein not necessary to use army force zum this. How was that achieved? after ~ 1945, German elite went through the process of re-education. Us was also exerting influence over the policies von German syndicates und political parties.

Q: when did die decisive American influence on Europe take it place?

A: This affect started with the erste World War. England and France were buying war supplies, wheat, machines in United States. American bank approved credits weil das purchase von these goods. England, France und the various other Entente powers were indebted über the American banks und American government. After 1918, this debts stood for the base for American influence an Europe. ~ 1918, a beat Germany was deshalb given credits über the American banks. This was felt already in 1919, during ns Versailles Conference, wherein the neu European order was being created.

The U.S. Dictatorship — reduce Collective kommen sie a Mass des Impotent Consumers

Q: tell us more about die “re-education” des Germany…

A: ~ Germany was militarily defeated bei 1945, American occupation forces organized consultations und meetings v American sociologists, psychologists, economy experts und anthropologists. A number of German Jews were involved in the project, and also German emigrants (mostly social-democrats), who invested the zu sein years an United States. The main subject was how to solve the “German question”. Part 2,000 researchers were involved an this project, which was headed über the Organization des Strategic service , controlled über the American military management stationed bei Germany.

The OSS had actually a task to describe, as specifically as possible, die economic, cultural und social situation bei conquered Germany. Still, there were arguments among the scientists.

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Q: who were the highlights critics des this project?

A: two philosophers obtained prominence among ns critics des the eine remote copying des American model: maximal Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno. They started from die premise the totalitarian dictatorship i beg your pardon existed in Nazi Germany does notfall represent some especially German case. There ist a democratic dictatorship in United States, i m sorry managed to prevent die conflicts bolzen the social organizations and classes, simply since all des them came to be a part of the regime. Instead des confronted classes, in U.S. Over there are just consumers. There is no collective, only individuals who buy und spend. The entire industry is involved bei satisfying ns needs of consumers: media, commercials, advertising, market, sports und show business. In that way the individual zu sein more extensively encompassed und controlled climate it was ever possible bei the authoritarian society des the nazi- Germany or Soviet union under Stalin. Ns mobilization des the masses in American society is carried out far an ext efficiently, since there, together opposed kommen sie the nazi- regime, there zu sein no need to ever reach for the enforcement of the zustand apparatus. The “values” promoted über the advertising agencies represent in ideal of every American citizen.

Q: This was deshalb the position of herbert Marcuse, the main ideologue des the 1968 college student movement?

A: Marcuse fascinated united state with die radical ideas. According kommen sie him, the nazi movement wasn’t a specifically German product, but a logical consequence des a arisen industrial society. The nazi dictatorship and American hegemony are notfall two opposed social systems, they room rather ns two forms of the authoritarian stärke system. Hitler was mobilizing masses with immense military parades, American type von democracy achieves this mobilization viel more completely and less expensively with TV commercials, sports competitions and spectacles, where the people are reduced to ns faceless mass, the audience.

Scientists as Controllers and Denunciators

Q: that were ns advocates of the principle which opposed Horkheimer, Adorno and Marcuse?

A: This kopieren, gruppe was headed by Talcott Parsons. He advocated ns view according kommen sie which the American die gesellschaft was a result des “productive symbiosis des democratic ideas und institutions”. He claimed that, uneven Germany, American die gesellschaft has succeeded to successfully repress die “reactionary forces”. According zu Parsons, that ist why ns US managed to develop democratic dynamics in politics, economy and in culture, and that ist why this type of democracy should serve together a blueprint zum Europe.

This line von thinking look at the hauptsächlich task des sociologists, politicologists, interaction experts and psychologists bei pedantically analyzing the state des society, in order kommen sie give a stylish warning to ns political and economic leaders in case des a national discontent.

Therefore, die scientists become the carriers von the concealed control and the hegemony von the system. They believe they tun können forecast die crisis, deswegen the ruling elite shouldn’t worry. Scientists are also employed an state services, an the ministries, polizei force, politics parties, army, an enig services… the scientist’s job zu sein to find und expose ns opponents of the system, und then to persuade castle every struggle is predestined to fail. An short, every resistance to die existing American system zu sein futile. If lock do not succeed zu persuade them, the state scientists use threats and denunciations. Bei Germany after ~ 1968, this role was given zu Jurgen Habermas.

Q: What tasks have these American experts set before themselves back in 1945?

A: ns aim des the project was kommen sie replace the nazi elite, zu reshape ns people’s psyche und destroy ns German national tradition. They largely succeed.

Power-Hungry facility Served von Dishonorable NGOs

Q: Some of your buddies from 1968 are heute ministers…

A: i was shocked when i saw how conveniently people can discard their ideals, accurate overnight, und step an the roles von “important politicians”. I’m horrified von the barefaced hatred des these world towards their own German nation. Tossed an the garbage morgen are die great achievements of the German workers’ movement, German conservatism und liberalism. I, on die other hand, glauben the european culture kann only exist as the sum des different, national cultures, und not some amorphous massive drowned in the typical cauldron as a merged “Coca-Cola culture”.

Q: in today’s Germany, each opposition party which calls weil das national zoll is labeling “extremist” or “neo-Nazi”. How does one defensive oneself from the rampant branding?

A: With ns clear und precise language, with the force of arguments. The ruling parties and non-governmental organizations which offer them are showing that ns danger des a neu totalitarian society is coming indigenous themselves.

After the fall of the berlin wall, we oase more und more evident concentration von power an the West. The capital, media and politics represent die “holy trinity” des the unchecked power not only an United States, but also in Europe. Die most prominent Westerners room most frequently resembling die Warsaw Pact leaders. In order zu preserve privileges, establishment is using manipulations und denunciations, exerting efforts to criminalize every attempt weist true opposition. “Political correctness” so serves this purpose. In this, the non-governmental sector plays a really important, dishonorable role. This particular maneuver uniform every attempt to think weil das oneself and suffocates a desire weil das national freedom. Die very recalling of national history ist instantly stigmatized as the “right-wing radicalism”.

History as a Tool an Demonizing ns Enemy von the Day

Q: Germany take it part an the nato aggression versus Serbia. The did not take part bei the zu sein against Iraq, but today German troops are existing both an Afghanistan and now even in Lebanon…

A: in 1966 Washington was forced to give up on the idea des sending German soldiers zu Vietnam. Today ns slogans “Germans to die front!” are ending up being ever louder. German soldiers, of course, are notfall taking part bei the interventions as bei independent element which would certainly take care des its own national interests, yet as ns cannon fodder — die more Germans obtain killed, ns more American lives will it is in spared. This is regarded as the Germans blieb paying off the WWII debts. After 1945, Germans to be reared zu become the “nation there is no tradition and culture”. It zu sein easy to manipulate together nation. German political upstream feels no responsibility whatsoever zum their own country.

Q: Do sie view nato bombardment bei the exact same context?

A: Yes, quite. German media so took part in the propaganda war against Serbia. Along with German politicians, our media outlets were actively involved in demonization of the Serbian state. They simply contrasted it with nazi Germany. It seems that zum such people history exists only to allow drawing of the cheap parallels, an order zu be able kommen sie successfully demonize ns enemy von the day.

For example, German television showed the mound of corpses indigenous Auschwitz as an illustration von what Serbia allegedly might do… und all von it, des course, in the name of “human rights, protection des minorities und justice”. Therein lies the cynicism von the “leader von the cost-free world” und the alleged advocate des the freedom von media.

Q: How was it possible kommen sie bomb a capital of a European zustand at the end of 20th century?

A: bei this instance Germany must oase resisted American requests. ~ all, the violated its own constitution, which prohibits Germany zu conduct wars, and this bombardment didn’t even schutz a UN mandate.

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Secret service Blocking Movements zum Reaffirming social Identity

Q: her political engagement hasn’t been unnoticed. What zu sein the goal des your politics activism?

A: I in fighting to finally have a conversation opened. The process des European unification shouldn’t oase only financial but, most des all, a cultural dimension. This cannot be completed with die European political elite and its bureaucracy. I am fighting zum the European social identity in which the hauptsächlich role wollen belong to die European nations. Des course, I’m perfectly mindful this cannot be accomplished by bei individual. Foreign secret services operating an Germany und other eu states space doing all bei their energie to block this process. This is especially true for the secret services from allegedly friendly states, ns most active of which in Germany are the American und Israeli secret service — CIA and Mossad.