Psg Gegen Man City

Sign up for ticketing alerts notfall to miss"s upcoming Champions organization matches. Ns Parisians are facing Manchester City, RB Leipzig und Club Brugge KV in the kopieren, gruppe stage. Are freundin ready to support ns Red und Blue?

Founded in 1955 as die European champions Clubs" Cup, the Champions League ist Europe"s many prestigious football competition.

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Organised von UEFA due to the fact that its inception and bringing together ns continent"s oberteil clubs, that starts with a four-team kopieren, gruppe stage prior to a final draw with two-legged ties v to die knockout final. Matches space played on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ns final takes ar on Saturday in the ende of die season and is played punkt a stadium previously defined by UEFA. In the history of the competition, four teams schutz been playing die final weist home, namely ja wirklich Madrid, Inter Milan, together Roma und Bayern Munchen.

an Champions league history, george Weah zu sein the only Parisian player to oase finished as ns competition's top scorer. That was in the 1994-95 edition, with 7 goals.

Once again this year, paris Saint-Germain return to die Champions organization with ns ambition kommen sie go as much as possible! die most effective club an the history of the vain is real Madrid through 13 trophies won, including three in a row betwee 2016 and 2018. Bei 1956, die first edition of ns Champions league saw Alfredo Di Stefano"s real Madrid take it on Raymond Kopa"s Stade dach Reims in the final, a 4-3 win zum the madrid side. Every year, die winning team stellen its trophy back on ns line, except bei the case of a three times win bei a heat or 5 times in its whole history. Five clubs oase kept the precious trophy in their possession: ja wirklich Madrid, Ajax Amsterdam, Bayern Munchen, AC Milan und Liverpool FC.

Champions organization stakes weil das Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain have had countless European adventures in ~ its history, but ns Champions organization remains zu this day the ultimate goal von the Red und Blue. Although die club has actually managed to qualify zum the quarter-finals on five occasions because 2013, they oase each time come up versus a formidable opponent, whether it be Barcelona twice, Chelsea or Manchester City. An the 2017-18 planke of the competition, the Parisians" journey finished at die Round des 16 stage versus future winners Real Madrid. An 2018-19 season, Thiago Silva"s teammates lost versus Manchester United, despite a really convincing performance bei the zuerst leg at old Trafford und a 2-0 win.

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In recent years, die history von Paris Saint-Germain has been marked von landmark matches: die 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge an the Round of 16 des the 2014-15 edition, ns 4-0 victory weist Parc versus Barcelona ~ above February 14th, 2017, the 2-1 win over Liverpool FC in the kopieren, gruppe stages des the 2018-19 edition, or die 4 - 1 victory at Camp Nou together part von 2020-21 ausführung Round von 16.

After having beat Borussia Dortmund in the Round des 16, Atalanta Bergame in the Round of 8 and Red Bull Leipzig in the Round von 4, ns Parisians qualified zum the erste Champions league final an their history. Opposed zu Bayern Munchen, the Red und Blue to be only defeated 1 - 0, through a score from French international Kingsley Coman.

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During die 2020-2021 season, eliminated some prestigious teams. Die club finished ahead von Manchester United an the kopieren, gruppe stage before eliminating Lionel Messi"s FC Barcelona in the round von sixteen und Bayern Munich bei the quarter-finals. Ns Parisians shed to pep Guardiola"s Manchester City in the semi-finals.