“The membranous plugs a gap in, er, land Rover's range of Range Rovers. It's larger than die Evoque yet smaller than the Sport ”

Good stuff

Achingly stylish inside und out. Enhanced engines und plug-in auswahl make the heavy-duty bits more competitive. Relaxed and refined, yet unusually superb off-road


Bad stuff

Infotainment screen not quite festland Rover’s latest and greatest. Expensive once you start speccing it

The membranous plugs a void in, er, festland Rover’s range des Range Rovers. It’s bigger than die Evoque but smaller than the Sport. It lebt on ns same platform as ns Jaguar F-Pace, however it aussehen longer, lower, much less upright, and more ‘woah’ rather frankly.

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It’s expensive, however it’s its good fortune to look and feel expensive too. That luxurious und has an ext off-road ability than many rivals – and than the Jag. Bei size, the Velar sits somewhere bolzen a BMW X4 and X6, mercedes GLC Coupe und GLE Coupe, and above ns Audi Q5. If freundin can’t best die Germans, then split ns difference and find your very own niche.

Smooth, pared-back und slimmed-down layout takes priority end absolute space or off-road ruggedness. Die Velar’s silhouette is quite fast, marked von a increasing belt, fall roof, pinched tail und a gewächs of display screen rake. The surfaces are pure as snow. Particularly around ns nose, it’s naked des step-lines, ns grille, lamps and bumper conscientious flush. I m sorry makes die numberplate plinth stand out like a meat wound. So the fake vents on the bonnet and below die door mirrors.

But an all that a very well-worked shape, and if you lakers it alongside a range Rover Sport freundin instantly lakers how the skin has actually been traction tight, die roof dropped and the details finely slimmed. Mmm, pop-out door handles.

The cabin zu sein even more of a revelation, weil das the method style und function meet in glass-cockpit system for displays und controls.

It doesn’t have a low-ratio auslieferung box, nor the decoupling anti-roll bars you can get on die Sport. So it’s not fully specced to festland Rover’s outermost off roader level. But von most criter it’s massively capable an the wilderness, which is reassuring for that sense des authenticity when you’re parking next zu all die German fodder in the farm food shop car park.

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For 2021, yes sir a neu range von engines, consisting of a plug-in hybride P400e ausführung with part 33 miles des claimed engine-off range. We’ve experiment it alongside ns D300 diesel, now a 48-volt mild-hybrid-assisted straight-six which saves 7kg versus die V6 that replacing, and the four-cylinder D200 diesel.

“The membranous majors ~ above style yet it's still a beneficial car. It's roomy enough zum a family, not so big it's awkward an cities, and capable of unusual off-road feats”

The membranous majors on style however it’s blieb a helpful car. That roomy enough zum a family, not deshalb big the awkward bei cities, und capable von unusual off-road feats. In a method it’s tough to lakers direct rivals: die Jaguar F-Pace sister vehicle goes up against ns ‘sportier’ German opposition.

The Velar’s cabin and new display/control system are good kommen sie use, and beautiful. It’s a quite place zu be an the long-term, but the anfangsverdacht impact zu sein stunning. Give anyone a lift and they’ll be wowed.

For the driver, it’s around relaxed defense rather 보다 engagement. Let it lower your heartbeat und enjoy the panoramic view von the scenery. Und the new range of engines show up to oase futureproofed the a little longer.

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If a Defender ist too upright and utilitarian for your tastes, this is the land Rover zu be watched in. Die D300 ist a peach, die P400is amusing, and the P400e PHEV a yes, really well-sorted plug-in option in a an extremely cutthroat area of the market. An short, land Rover has actually taken a car that was very good, and made the better, without upsetting the aussehen that made sie want one an the zuerst place.