You can now install and use scratch 3 Desktop zum Raspbian on her Raspberry Pi!


Scratch 3

Scratch 3 was released an January this year, und since then we and the scratch team have put lots von work right into creating in offline version for Raspberry Pi.

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The new version des Scratch has actually a considerably improved interface and better use compared kommen sie previous versions. This improvements kommen sie at the cost des needing an ext processing energie to run. Luckily, Raspberry Pi 4 has actually delivered nur that, and with ns software improvements an the newest version von Raspbian, Buster, we kann sein now provide a dependable Scratch 3 experience on ours computer.

Which Raspberry Pi can I use?

Scratch 3 needs at least 1GB of RAM to run, und we recommend a Raspberry Pi 4 with hinweisen least 2GB RAM. When you kann run scratch 3 ~ above a Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 3B+, or a Raspberry 4 with 1GB RAM, power on this models zu sein reduced, und depending top top what various other software you run at die same time, scratch 3 may fail to start due kommen sie lack von memory.

The scratch team ist working to reduce die memory requirements of Scratch 3, deshalb we wollen hopefully seen improvements kommen sie this soon.

How kommen sie install scratch 3

You kann sein only install scrape 3 ~ above Raspbian Buster.

First, upgrade Raspbian!

If you’ve yet kommen sie upgrade zu Raspbian Buster, us recommend installation a new version von Buster onto her SD map instead von upgrading native your present version des Raspbian.If you’re currently using Raspbian Buster, but you’re notfall sure her running the latest version, update Buster by following this tutorial:

Once you’re running die latest version von Buster, you can install scrape 3 one of two people using the Recommended software application or apt on die terminal.

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How zu install scratch 3 using ns Recommended software program app

Open up the menu, click on Preferences > Recommended Software, and then select Scratch 3 and click on OK.


How kommen sie install scrape 3 using the terminal

Open a terminal window, und type an and run ns following commands:

sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install scratch3

What kann sein I carry out with scratch 3 and Raspberry Pi?

Scratch 3 Desktop zum Raspbian come with new extensions kommen sie allow you zu control ns GPIO pins und Sense jawohl with scratch code!


GPIO extension

GPIO extension ist a replacement weil das the existing extension an Scratch 2. That is layout und functionality zu sein very similar, deswegen you kann sein use it together a drop-in replacement.


The GPIO expansion gives you the flexibility kommen sie connect und control a whole host von electronic devices.

Simple electronics extension

If sie are looking zu add other simple, like in LED or button controller for a game, you should find the new Simple electronics extension easier to use than die GPIO extension. The Simple electronic devices extension zu sein the first version of a beginner-friendly extension zum interacting through Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. Acquisition lessons from die implementation von gpiozero zum Python, this neu extension offers a easier way des using digital components: currently buttons und LEDs.

In this example, an LED connected kommen sie GPIO pen 17 zu sein controlled von a button connected betwee pin 2 and GND.


Sense hat extension

We’ve improved ns Sense jawohl extension to take benefit of neu features in Scratch 3, and the update version von the extension also introduces a number of neu blocks to allow you to:

Sense tilting, shaking, and orientationUse the joystickMeasure temperature, pressure, und humidityDisplay text, characters, and patterns on the angeführt matrix


micro:bit und LEGO extensions

The micro:bit and LEGO extensions möchte become available danach on scratch 3 Desktop. This is because scrape Link, ns software which allows Scratch zu talk to Bluetooth devices, zu sein not yet available weil das Linux-type operating system like Raspbian. A version des Scratch Link weil das Raspbian is part of our plan but, together yet, we don’t schutz a release date.

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A round of thanks

It has actually been a long ambition of both the Scratch und Raspberry Pi groups to oase Scratch 3 running on Raspberry Pi, und it’s remarkable to lakers it released!

A large thank you to Raspberry Pi engineer simon Long for building und packaging scrape 3, and to die Scratch team zum their support in getting over some des the difficulties we faced along ns way.