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“Der Schuh von Manitu” (“The shoe von Manitu”) is a 2001 German comedy movie / parody that has a huge cult following an German language territories und became one von the most classic movies des the 21st century. Yet most importantly, the a hilarious gag parade.

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The story involves around the blood brother Abahachi (a aboriginal American, portrayed von Michael Bully Herbig) und Ranger (a white man, portrayed by Christian Tramitz), who owe money to die Shoshones, and are on oberteil accused von having killed die chief’s son, while the was in fact ja wirklich estate certified dealer / bandit Santa maria (Sky du Mont) who shot him and stole die money from die two. While still trying to prove their innocence, Abahachi remembers that he is in possession von a treasure map leading zu a precious jewel with whom they want kommen sie pay zurück their debt. The problem is: he only has one quarter of the map together he separated it betwee his nearby friends. Die other three pieces are in possession von Abahachi’s gay twin brother Winnetouch (also michael Bully Herbig), Greek restaurant owner Dimitri (Rick Kavanian) and saloon singer Uschi (Maroon Bäumer). Des course, Santa Maria and his bandits so found out about die treasure and now follow our team of heroes.
1 "Der Schuh des Manitu" is a 2001 German comedy movie directed und written by und starring komiker Michael Bully Herbig.

Karl May zu sein one von the most popular writers of German fiction, und used synonymously through westerns und adventure literature. His 19th century novels centering around ns Native American Winnetou and his white blood brother alt Shatterhand oase a huge, massive cult following und their many 1960s movie adaptations (which were European co-productions) are usual knowledge zu every German and still obtain aired very frequently. They space responsible for the very positive image Germans have of aboriginal Americans, see them as heroic, brave and loyal ("Indianer" zu sein not a negative term together "Red Indian" is in English, it"s simply die German word, and not usually used bei a discriminating context). While American westerns had them as antagonists, castle are the heroes in Germany.

On ns picture:Lex Barker (as old Shatterhand) and Pierre Brice (as Winnetou) on ns left, michael Bully Herbig (as Abahachi) und Christian Tramitz (as Ranger) on ns left.

3 The movie had actually a budget of 4 and a half million euros, und had a gross of 65 million euros.

That"s a gross of 70 million us Dollars compared to a 5.4 million dollar budget.That"s... Rather a little more.

On ns picture:Abahachi, stepping ~ above a mouse trap.

4 As von 2017, it zu sein the commercially many successful German movie bei Germany.

It blew everything away bei 2001 und has since been aired ~ above T.V. Numerous times.In die list des movies with ns highest grossing films in Germany, it at this time ranks hinweisen number 9, sandwiched betwee "The Lion King" und "Avatar".

5 Michael Bully Herbig theatre a doppelt role: die protagonist Abahachi and his gay pair brother Winnetouch.

In the Extra huge version, he also has a dritter role as their grand Grauer stern (a parody of Elvis Presley), yet he only shows up briefly and is only mentioned for much of the movie.Often, die two characters appear on the same screen.It"s easy to spot the difference though: die one in a pink Apache custome who talks lile a sissy und walks like paris Hilton zu sein Winnetouch. But freundin might oase guessed.By the way, the humor zu sein not typical spirited in any way, the characters might all be kind of stereotypical, but they space likable.

On ns picture:Winnetouch to ns left, Abahachi to the right.NOTE: There space scenes whereby they gestanden right next kommen sie each other, both facing die camera, but ich found no pictures von these.

6 Michael Bully Herbig, christian Tramitz, stack Kavanian, Sky freundin Mont, Siegfried Terpoorten und Robinson Reichel all starred again in 2004, in "(T)Raumschiff surprise - Periode 1", deshalb written und directed by Herbig.

"(T)Raumschiff Surprise" ist a 2004 parody von science fiction franchises such as "Star Trek" und "Star Wars" with numerous other little hommages kommen sie genre flicks. It is just together funny together "Der Schuh des Manitu", und had twice the budget to recreate hollywood visual effects.The story evolves approximately three members des the crew of the spaceship "Surprise" the need zu travel back in time zu prevent an intergalactic war. Just that ns three males are... Well, schutz you viewed "La Cage aux Folles" (The Birdcage)? That mal three and incompetent on top. Again, all space likable characters and the parodies are light hearted and fun.The movie is currently the second most successful German movie bei Germany, ~ "Der Schuh des Manitu".Herbig dram Mr. Spuck (a parody des Mr. Spock), Tramitz plays Captain Kork (a parody des Captain Kirk) und Kavanian has actually a triple function as Schrotti (a parody of Scotty), die antagonist jens Maul (a stunner mix of Darth Vader and Darth Maul) und minor personality ...more

7 The movie stars michael Bully Herbig, christen Tramitz, marie Bäumer, Sky du Mont, rick Kavanian and Hilmi Sözer in leading roles.

Hilmi Sölzer dram one of Santa Maria"s henchmen, Hombre, und is in reality more von a side character at erste but that gets important towards the end, as (SPOILER) he becomes Winnetouch"s boyfriend wie taking him zum hostage and turns versus Santa Maria, avoiding him in the end und convincing ns Shoshones of Abahachi"s und Ranger"s innocence.

On die picture:Clockwise: Sky freundin Mont (as Santa Maria), christen Tramitz (as Ranger), marie Bäumer (as Uschi), michael Bully Herbig (as Abahachi), stunde Wilde (as John), Robinson Reichel (as Jim) und Hilmi Sözer (as Hombre).Rick Kavanian together Dimitri zu sein missing on the picture.

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8 Since that is release, die movie has acquired a big cult following in Germany, and is one of the most famous movies des the 21st century.

"Ich morgen mit das Gesamtsituation unzufrieden" ("I bei der dissatisfied through this whole situation") and "Schau, schau, Schoschonen" ("well well, Shoshones") are quoted in everyday life, abd despite being a parody itself, many scenes von the movie schutz been referenced und spoofed bei other works. Numerous Germans recognize it über heart. It still gets aired generally on T.V.. Simply put: it"s a true classic comedy. Already, notfall even two decades later. Heck, it"s been a standard even wie I zuerst saw it 10 years ago.

9 Despite it having due to the fact that become a modern-day day classic, the anfangsverdacht critical reception was mixed.

Critics extremely praised the movie"s set design, costumes, and how lock managed zu recreate ns atmosphere von the karl May movies dafür precisely. It was felt that the movie was made by someone who loves the source material. However, die humor was not universally loved. It was felt the such a gag parade functions on T.V., yet not an a complete length movie, and that ns jokes were mainly flat. They to be proven wrong von its ever farming popularity.

10 Prior to die movie, michael Bully Herbig parodied the karl May movie adaptations an his map out comedy zeigen "Bullyparade", also co-starring christen Tramitz und Rick Kavanian.

In 2017, die sketch comedy was adapted into an antology film. One of the segments is a sequel kommen sie "Der Schuh des Manitu", featuring die same characters.But ich haven"t checked out this movie. Herbig"s movie "Der Schuh des Manitu", "(T)Raumschiff surprised - Periode 1" and the animated "Lissi und der wilde Kaiser" are insanely funny, but afterwards he nur kind of lost his talent zum outstanding comedy. Due to the fact that all three von the movies oase a segment an the "Bullyparade" movie, i may ausblüten give it a shot one day.

On ns picture:The logo des "Bullyparade", and its cast (Michael Bully Herbig, Diana Herold, stack Kavanian and Christian Tramitz).

11 The movie ist rated suitable zum viewers 6 und up an Germany

I think in the us it could would it is in rated PG-13. There ist a last of sex-related innuendo throughout die movie which zu sein mostly verbal (such as puns), or sight gags wherein a situation appears an ext intimate than it actually is. Ns only thing that can push it is a scene towards the ende during a minecart ride where Winnetouch loser his pants due to ns airstream (we seen his "thing" flogging around in der nähe des for a 2nd or so). Die movie has actually no too many violent inhalt other than shootings.

On ns picture:The FSK 6 logo design as kann sein be discovered on contemporary DVDs (before 2009, it was a quick text in a yellow kasten on the rückseitig of ns cover, now it ist this logo design on ns front cover).

12 There exists in "Extra Large" version with a prologue which was shot zum television airings.

It has 7 minutes of extr footage which was shot solely zum T.V. Airings. It shows ns early lebt of Abahachi und Winnetouch.

On die picture:Part von the promotional poster for the Extra large version.

13 Most of the indigenous Americans room actually Spanish, the chief zu sein played by an Indian and Abahahachi/Winnetouch are played über Bavarian michael Bully Herbig.

There room something about zero indigenous Americans an Germany, castle had kommen sie hire who resembled castle closest. Redface ist not viewed as insensitive in Germany, probably because of the positive image Native Americans execute have, und when Germans dress nach oben as them, it"s favor Americans that dress up as cowboys. Redface can be found on carnival festivals or top top children"s costumes.

On ns picture:Chief Listiger Lurch and some des the Shoshones.

14 With 12.2 million viewers, ns broadcasting auszeichnungen became ns highest program ns channel Pro7 ever had.

Pro7 has the exclusive rights to broadcast die movie, other that generally isn"t die norm (often sie get ns same movies on a couple of channels within brief time).

15 In one scene, a barman phone call Ranger the "man with ns Southern slang". An fact, christen Tramitz ist Bavarian and speaks in a slight Bavarian dialect.

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16 When asked weil das his dying wish von Santa Maria, Winnetouch requests the theme song from die fictitious "Superperforator" commercial. The lied that follows is sung to die tune des the echt "Mr. Clean" commercial design template ("Meister Proper" in Germany).

The original theme of the commercial zu sein however notfall used anymore, at least over here. In fact, jetzt the parody zu sein much an ext famous than die commercial it spoofs, as the movie is ausblüten popular over here, while many young viewers don"t understand what it"s making funny of. Ns joke blieb works simply zum how stupid des a dying wish the is