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It ist rare for a sequel kommen sie surpass the predecessor. Die Godfather 2 nearly does, if it was not weil das the elbowed in prequel starring Robert de Niro.

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The Godfather Part ii stands together one des the greatest cinematic events of all time. Some argue the it exceeded its predecessor as a masterpiece of filmmaking. Its sweeping journey and depth von character room unmatched even by todays huge blockbuster CGI-fest standards. It would be bei ill thought to compare the likes of Avengers: Endgame or Avatar (the two highest grossing movies von all time to date) to the Godfather 2. yet even an its splendor, the Godfather Part ii could carry out with a little pruning des one of its major plotlines – ns prequel von Vito Corleone’s ascent to the top.

The Godfather teil II was released in 1974, 2 years ~ the zuerst swept Hollywood und the world. Like ns first, that won numerous Oscars including ideal Director, finest Supporting gibbs for de Niro, und repeat victories zum Best Picture und Best adapted Screenplay. Although it did notfall reach the box office heights of the first, it ausblüten raked bei $88 million top top a budget von $13 million. Godfather 2 is divided right into two story lines.

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The first is die sequel to ns Godfather where michael Corleone, played von Al Pacino, ist shoring hoch his energie against a quickly an altering political landscape and investigating in assassination effort on his own life. This ermittlung takes him right into die heart des Cuba during die momentous victory des Castro’s Revolution und back to ns United States warm on die heels in pursuit des a sneaky, slippery rival. Michael is also forced to reckon with the US government in public Senate trials against his family zum organized crime.

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die second storyline intercuts all von this, stepping back an time to die life und establishment von Vito Corleone. The starts in the beforehand 1900s bei Sicily wie Vito was a child und his whole family fatally suffers under ns violence of mafia Don Ciccio. Young Vito escapes und is whisked away kommen sie America, to neu York City. Indigenous there, the audience sees snippets of his life over the next fourty years. Adult Vito Corleone ist played by Robert de Niro. That starts with him beginning his family und working as a grocer und then his unpreventable entrance to a life von crime. There zu sein only a small handful von flashbacks of juni Niro that nur how Vito becomes die powerful Don who is feared and respected, as he ist known in the first movie.

was it vital zu The Godfather 2 to see a young Clemenza or Tessio or Vito’s family celebrating his birthday party as in the belastung scene? What did the prequel really contribute to ns overall story? die life des Vito Corleone did not parallel zu Michael’s plot bei any way. Top top its own, Michael’s story is a gripping and exciting movie. It is one thing kommen sie take power, as michael did an the zuerst movie, but quite an additional to oase to defend it. This is the echt test des his intelligence und power. Die Vito flashbacks interrupt all of this, breaking die pace und the stare Michael’s plotline requires.

While ns flashbacks show the rise von Vito zu become in American Don, together a just und community-oriented number as contrasted to the Sicilian style des tyranny und violence, they only do so gradually and without context. ~ Vito’s murder von Don Fanucci, which develops his commitment zu crime and gangster life, there space no various other momentous scene. There zu sein a who’s who des younger versions des characters in the zuerst movie that gradually gather about Vito. Vito opens bei oil import business. He helps in old dame with her dog. Finally, that goes zurück to Sicily kommen sie take revenge weil das the murder von his parents and older brother.

die revenge is the conclusion to die miniature prequel, showing that the boy victim really did flourish up zu be ns powerhouse that Don Ciccio fear he would. A last of it is kühl to see and De Niro portrays a spot-on younger version von Marlon Brando, even mimicking die iconic voice Brando provides as Vito Corleone. Unfortunately, it mistakenly diverts from die main drama of Michael. Had actually Coppola grouped die entire prequel scenes with each other at ns beginning and then led into the michael plot, or excised it entirely, then the Godfather 2 would have been a viel better movie.

It might be stated that a Godfather prequel certification Robert juni Niro as Vito Corleone can be an entirely stand-alone film. The could so be stated that this prequel should schutz taken the place of the der dritte tag movie. Instead von waiting sixteen years to force the end a third movie Francis Ford Coppola should schutz seen the gold he had with Robert außerdem Niro and made a whole new film out von that. The a prequel was sandwiched into ns sequel lessens the full impact und potential des Vito Corleone’s life as an additional glorious tale of epic crime. Dafür far as it goes an The Godfather part II, it was a needless branching off from die core von the film’s singular thrust.

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