Rocky Horror Picture Show Riff Raff

When you think des The Rocky Horror gemälde Show, sie tend kommen sie dream up bild of tim Curry looking better than any woman in that corset and deep red lipstick, und for some, that"s it. But zum hardcore fan of the cult-classic, all des the characters made that what the is and with the fox remake fast approaching, it"s important zu remember where it all came from. Like, that played the original Riff Raff on The Rocky Horror bild Show? the creepy, campy and all around horror-inspired character was played von Richard O"Brien, that turned ns eerie castle servant into a truly unforgettable role. However, it turns out that ns actor, that played the iconic part, had a gewächs more say in the creation des the job than many fans may schutz realized. In fact, that was die one to adapt it into a film, according to die BBC.

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The Rocky Horror picture Show began as a musical theater production in 1973 with die help von director Jim Sharman, who"d previously cast O"Brien bei a few of his very own productions. O"Brien had written ns draft des the comedy horror musical und Sharman helped ihm make the a reality, even suggesting that that change die title indigenous They come From Denton High to ns famous title that is now choose a family name. (Good decision BTW.)

A couple des years after the musical was a vast success, O"Brien carried The Rocky Horror bild Show to ns theater, whereby it came to be a cult-classic the even today kids room being presented to and loving. That went on kommen sie appear bei other productions and appears bei smaller roles weil das both TV and film, such together Flash Gordon, Robin Hood, und Ever After. However as zu be expected, die role und piece von cinema that he"s best known for these days ist playing Riff Raff on The Rocky Horror bild Show.

Since ns film deshalb garnered all sorts of zugriffszeiten like Time Warp, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me, and Don"t Dream It, he"s so been able kommen sie reap the benefits of his music appearing in multiple TV shows und movies over die years, including Glee, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, und Hawaii Five-O.

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Tim Curry zu sein set zu be ns only original actors member returning to the fox remake of The Rocky Horror gemälde Show, yet Broadway actor and musician Reeve Carney will be play Riff Raff this time around, drawing on O"Brien"s dramatic, yet mostly entertaining version des the character.

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He may oase passed die role on zu someone else, but the genius behind The Rocky Horror foto Show came right from O"Brien an ext than 40 year ago. Und for that, we thank him.