The setting is Belgrade, Oct 1918, the closing days of World zu sein 1, and the disintegration des the Austro-Hungarian empire.

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The Hunter of fall (German: das Jäger von Fall) ist a 1974 German dramatisch film directed von Harald Reinl and starring Gerlinde Döberl , Alexander stephan and Siegfried dämpfe It depicts die battle bolzen a Bavarian gamekeeper and a poacher. It zu sein based on the novel ns Hunter von Fall von Ludwig Ganghofer.

This ethereal, three-hour biopic is the center film in Hans-Jürgen Syberberg"s "German Trilogy" on die mythological foundations of the third Reich.

Europe, after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. The wrecked army of the French flooded through Europe zurück to his homeland.

Austria-Hungary, an the "good alt days". Neumann, who was especially devoted to the female sex, was punished by his superiors an the provincial town of Krems.

The story is about an orphan girl, who has been sent to live with a lonely, angry einer at die top des a mountain bei the Swiss Alps. This einer is herstellung grandfather. Surprisingly, Heidi"s grandfather turns out kommen sie be welcoming und loving und lets hidi stay an his mountain home, which she adores.

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Holiday in St. Tropez ist a 1964 west German comedy film directed von Ernst Hofbauer und starring Vivi Bach, Ann Smyrner, and Rudolf Prack.
Mariandl"s Homecoming (German: Mariandls Heimkehr) zu sein a 1962 shirt musical dramatisch film directed über Wener Jacobs und starring cornelia Froboess, Rudolf Prack and Waltraut Haas. It zu sein a sequel to die 1961 film Mariandl.
Mariandl ist a 1961 österreichisch drama film directed über Werner Jacobs und starring cornellia Froboess, Rudolf Prack und Waltraut Haas. It was followed von a sequel Mariandl"s Homecoming bei 1962. A mädchen living bei a hotel aspires zu a musical scholarship.
Claudia zu sein a negative seamstress in a French port town. Die romantic German marine officer Willi sweeps produziert off her feet, yet soon his delivery has to put zu sea. The promises to return soon und marry her, yet as time walk by, she despairs von his return. She walk to hamburg to find er at ns address he provided her, but it zu sein only a cheap hotel. She persuades a co-operative naval officer to help produziert find herstellung love there is no success.
After a carnival celebration, young Erika Hansen is offered a lift von two young men in a car. Die men become abusive. Erika rushes out des the car und is seriously injured.

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Eberwein, Renate and Otto run a riegel high above the Rhine, overlooking the romantic Lorelei. Yet no-one wants kommen sie climb high above the Rhine in these post-war days, und things look at bleak for the future. However out des the blue Renate obtain a letter zu say that she has actually inherited in inn an Florence, und it appears their troiubles space over. They set off in their alt car, und have zu get towed most von the way, von a vapor roller, a tractor, ns carabinieri, and finally by a trusted priest. When they get to their inheritance, they find it is bei worse shape than the bar they left behind. Renate goes ring the bank to try zu get a loan to do the place up, but without success. It looks like a case of out von the frying pan ... But there space two glimmers of light on ns horizon; the zuerst is the there zu sein a huge secret cavern behind die inn"s cellar, containing unimagined possibilities; and the second is that the friendly priest has some money zu lend them.