Despite dragging bei the accolades, La la Land isn't having the best des luck when it georgewoodcock.comes kommen sie awards shows.

Du schaust: Ryan gosling circus halli galli

Almost 2 weeks on from ns Oscars Best bild debacle, the film was again at the centre von another bizarre stunt – this time punkt Germany's call Goldene kamera awards, wherein organisers accidentally gave a trophy to a Ryan Gosling impersonator.

The organisers of the awards gala, with stars including nicole Kidman und Jane Fonda bei the audience, thought ns Oscar-nominated actor was present kommen sie accept a prize weil das "Best international Film" zum La la Land.

Instead, Ludwig Lehner, a 27-year-old kochen from Munich through a pudgy passing same to die star, bounded ~ above stage.


Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La la Land.

"Good evening, I am Ryan Gosling," he stated as that accepted die trophy to muted man – prior to dedicating it to "Joko and Klaas", two German georgewoodcock.comedians who orchestrated die prank zum their weekly variety show, Circus Halligalli.

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In videos danach posted kommen sie YouTube, die duo – Joko Winterscheidt und Klaas Heufer-Umlauf – to walk through the elaborate ploy zu score themselves a golden Kamera.

"If someone would oase told us sechs weeks ago that we would certainly succeed through this, we would schutz thought he ist crazy," lock said an the video, i beg your pardon detailed ns weeks des rehearsals, backroom negotiating and nervous second-guessing ("They could arrest us zum fraud? Hmm yeah," they say) the went into ns prank.

The duo, properly assuming ns awards' organisers would "do anything" zu get Gosling kommen sie attend die show, made hoch a fake PR firm named "Conrad, Hertz & Gravemann" – georgewoodcock.complete with a functional webseite listing your "other talent" including michael Keaton and Ashley Tisdale – und contacted producer flamme Mediengruppe speak Gosling was an Hamburg shoot a georgewoodcock.commercial on ns day of the awards, und would love to attend die ceremony.

Besides ns ludicrous reality that fake Gosling (and his fake entourage) in which method eluded dafür many behind-the-scenes employee for deshalb long, die whole illustration paints bei embarrassing picture of the way awards mirrors bend die rules bei favour von big-name talent.

The duo so posted a reaction video von their team watching ns whole point live und celebrating the unexpected success von what die German film industry has because dubbed "#GoslingGate".

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Funke mediengruppe has because angrily talked out about the stunt, with a spokesperson saying the georgewoodcock.company "would rethink its protection concept" at ns event and demanding die "stolen trophy it is in returned" dafür they tun können "give it kommen sie the ja wirklich Ryan Gosling", German media reports.

I imagine even the real Ryan Gosling would tell ns pranksters, "Keep it, sie deserve it."