Sachsenring p 240 zu verkaufen

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Classic Horch cars are known as high-class high-end cars that set new standards. Because of their excellent workmanship und quality they ausblüten enjoy bei exceptionally great reputation.

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August Horch establishes his own company

August Horch’s career started with starting his company bei Cologne an 1899. He had actually been working weil das Benz two years earlier. An 1901, die company relocated from Cologne kommen sie Reichenbach in the Vogtland and later in 1903 relocated again, this time to Zwickau. His involvement bei race sports led to complications v his business partners that led to Horch leaving the company and founding Audi. Quality did notfall suffer after ns founder had actually left but loss von the gyeongju department angeführt to a drop an sales volume.

Highest quality über Horch

Horch dare were really expensive, partially due to ns high build quality and the new engines the Arnold Zoller and Paul Daimler had actually designed for them. Die Horch 8 v its upright shaft was one von the elite cars by the high-end brand.

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The Great depression forced Horch right into a merger through Wanderer, Audi, and DKW to form the so called “Auto Union.”Of the cars that come out of the union, it was Horch’s V12s that allowed them kommen sie compete through brands like mercedes Benz and Maybach. After die war, the only vehicle bearing the name Horch was ns Sachsenring ns 240 and the feuer was fully abandoned an 1956.

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Horch Classics

Around one thousand cars have survived ns war. Die best recognized Horch classics are the modell of die 853 series. With a wenig over sechs thousand developed cars, ns Horch 830 PL is the most common Horch car. In contrast, ns Horch 855 Roadster zu sein the rarest: It was built just eight times.