Sahra Wagenknecht Und Oskar Lafontaine

Left boss susanne Hennig-Wellsow celebrates produziert reconciliation with ns Wagenknecht / Lafontaine couple in Weimar. The splitterpartei should now stand closer together again. Go this work?


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Oskar Lafontaine, sahrar Wagenknecht and Susanne Hennig-Wellsow an Weimar

Photo: martin Schutt / dpa

Sahra karneval came kommen sie Weimar a wenig because of Goethe.

She is happy to be right here again, she states during herstellung speech ~ above stage.

“I prefer Weimar.

It ist such a beautiful city. «As a schoolgirl, she functioned here bei the Goethehaus und lived with her great-aunt.

But the ja wirklich reason for her existence ist of kurse because she wants kommen sie advertise ns left here, she adds.

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The reality that karneval campaigns zum the left has actually recently raised significant doubts in his very own party.

Wagenknecht jetzt apparently wants to clear this trost with this election campaign date.

It is, deshalb to speak, a return bei two respects: zu Weimar and also to your own party.

She is a guest here an Thuringia zu promote die federal chairwoman susanne Hennig-Wellsow in her federal constituency with her husband Oskar Lafontaine.

On ns Unesco Square an the alt town, around 700 people aufführen to die couple und the splitter linterparty leader, the square is fully lived in right under to ns alleys roughly it.

The classic karneval speech

The joint appearance zu sein something des a miracle weil das the left. Ns couple was deeply hostile zu the alt party leadership, und their partnership with your own splitterpartei was shattered. So recently there was a gewächs of anger among ns comrades, weil das example about Wagenknecht"s book, i m sorry some taken as a negotiation with the party. Karneval criticized ns left weil das neglecting ns workforce and concentrating too viel on issues of the metropolitan milieu, i beg your pardon angered some of its splitterpartei friends to such bei extent the they demanded your resignation und some even requested in expulsion procedure. Lafontaine, an turn, called zum disputes an the Saarland not to poll there with ns second vote.

Chairwoman Hennig-Wellsow, who was elected bei the spring, drove to saarland a couple of weeks ago because von the quarrels and spoke to ns two von them.

With success, as the date shows.

Instead von ranting about lifestyle leftists, Wagenknecht and Lafontaine dedicate their speech zu their old opponent: die federal government.

In foreign policy, the cool coalition "shamefully failed" in the corona crisis anyway, says Wagenknecht.

Health authorities schutz been "saved zu pieces".

"We ultimately need a state capable des acting again." The splitter linterparty donations from unternehmen to the other neben are absurd und that politicians can "gild their asses" after their careers.

It"s a classic karneval speech, the audience clapping und hooting.

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Wagenknecht so makes that clear the she stands zum her very own party.

»You don"t schutz to find every item bei the program to be good.

I feel the same method too, ”she says, which reasons laughter.

But that originates from full conviction: "There is no various other party an the trennung that, firstly, has actually never agreed zu a zu sein and, secondly, has never obtained a tired euro from bei armaments company, a large bank or any kind of other business lobby." encourage them zu vote zum the left.

"Support for Susi!"

This climate underlines ns act von reconciliation that have to be lugged out here. Regardless of all the criticism of your party, you should des course still vote, deshalb Wagenknecht"s message. Lafontaine, who will turn 78 following month, is so attacking ns government high solution as in earlier times. The really likes the stadt of Weimar, the wasn"t a lie, that says. Wagenknecht has already "dragged" er here several mal - and he auch shouts: "Support zum Susi!"

For party leader susanne Hennig-Wellsow ns visit from the Saarland is important.

Wagenknecht is still the most popular politician on ns left, her book has been ~ above the bestseller, verkaufsschlager, spitzenreiter lists zum weeks und she also manages to attract hundreds des people kommen sie a splitter linterparty event an a stadt of 60,000 civilization like Weimar.

If die left wants zu get out von their polls short at six percent, they oase to rely on Wagenknecht.

Hennig-Wellsow wants zu lead herstellung party right into a red-red-green government und for this she has kommen sie be as united as possible.

Although the chairman does not share many of Wagenknecht"s theses, she says the party must endure much more disagreement.

And notfall to jump at each other"s throats punkt every debate.

The left ich renne weg into this risk again an the past couple of days when it argued about whether ns parliamentary group should approve the evacuation operation of the German armed forces in Afghanistan.

Wagenknecht abstained, as ns majority von the parliamentary gruppe had decided, while seven MPs, most des whom belong zu their camp, however voted against the rescue operation.

Even Wagenknecht"s erbitterter opponents took klasse of their voting habits with respect.

"Now phone call me, just how are freundin doing with die party?" One can ask karneval after ns Weimar meeting.

Quoted freely from Goethe"s Faust, which wagenknecht learned von heart.

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An interview in the “Thüringische Landeszeitung” soon before the act von reconciliation verified that this is not the easy.

There she fired again weist the old party leadership: "It"s good that this chapter is over."

And then was immediately forgiving.

She and her husband would come to Weimar to advertise Hennig-Wellsow and the Left in Thuringia.

"We so want kommen sie help make the disputes a thing of the past," promised Wagenknecht.